QOTD for February 22nd by Heather Durling

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The Wellness Universe QOTD for February 22nd by Heather Durling


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Heather and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…


When the triggers hit, when life knocks us down or sucker punches us, when we lose something or someone that was a big part of our lives, whenever we feel lost and alone – Inhale and exhale. At this moment, this very place in space and time – all that matters, all that is real is your breath. The coolness as it enters your nostrils, the energy that fills your lungs and body, and the warmth as you release it, letting go because it\’s needed and part of the process.
Detach from the worries and fears of what hasn\’t happened yet, and just for a few minutes, let go of the pain, anger, guilt, shame, and helplessness of what has already occurred. The reality of our past is that it\’s done and unchangeable, there is nothing that can be altered unless you happen to have a bright blue police box and a particular Doctor around. This even applies to events that may be happening currently in your life.
You do have control in this present moment, you do have the ability to get back to your center. It\’s with you 24 hours a day, and it\’s in the deep subconscious lymphatic system response of your inhale and exhale. It\’s the one thing that you MUST do to live, and the most powerful tool you have.
Close your eyes, trust in the process of your own body, and allow yourself to get back to what matters most when times are difficult – be kind to yourself, give yourself a few minutes when needed, and just breathe.

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