How to Remedy the Self-Sabotage Syndrome

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There are two fundamental questions frequently affecting our daily lives:

“Why do we self-sabotage ourselves?”

“How do we transcend it?”

My own unconscious suffering eventually inspired me to find a quintessential solution by becoming a certified Law oAttraction (LoA) Coach who practices the Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), also known as Tapping.

This article explains why and how to remedy the “Self-Sabotage Syndrome.”

Most of our negative beliefs, especially concerning abundance, are instilled by collective and social conditioning imposed upon us from an extremely young age. In reality, it\’s an acute form of self-sabotage and explains why we\’re inclined to view life as a monumental struggle from start to finish. We\’re stuck in financial surviving mode, instead of thriving mode. Our financial security usually persists to be our primary life focus and a lingering woe we never quite resolve.

For example, consider common cumbersome phrases such as, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “I need to be properly qualified.” “I don’t deserve it.” “Money is the root of all evil.” “You must earn a living.” etc. The term “abundance” is also normally associated solely with wealth. However, money will never buy you abundant happiness, so it should first be perceived and experienced as pure limitless joy itself. It\’s crucial to let go of all our past financial trauma and also illuminate our gloomy monetary views. This allows abundance, in all of its forms, to flow freely into our lives.

Science has proven that everything in our universe, both physical and non-physical, is made of energy.

Negative thinking produces negative emotions which cause our bodies’ energy levels to vibrate extremely slowly at a low frequency; Positive thoughts and emotions cause our energy levels to vibrate much faster at a high frequency. It explains why negative emotions disallow our bodies’ energy meridians to flow freely resulting in blockages. Once this blocked energy has been freed via tapping, you have essentially bridged the gap between your inspired action and the positive attraction/event you\’re searching for. The powerful and universal LoA will consequently begin working in your favour by manifesting your desires.

LoA delivers both what is wanted and what is unwanted, depending on the signal we send out to the Universe. Once we realize that we are ‘Pure Potential’, it’s essential to grasp this law, because we attract to us that which we are and what we concentrate upon. If we are feeling negative emotions, we draw in and experience negativity. If we are feeling positive emotions, we draw in and experience positive life experiences. We can only attract to us those qualities we possess, i.e. if we want to attract freedom and joy into our lives, we must know what it already feels like to have freedom and joy in our life now.

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And we can achieve this by literally tapping into our naturally joyful and free state of well-being.

E.F.T., or Tapping, is a holistic energy-healing process which uses the connection between our bodies\’ energy meridians, our emotions and our natural state of well-being. It is a type of Acupuncture, called Acupressure, without the use of any needles. By applying finger pressure on specific bodily points, blocked energy, arising from negative feelings, is freed and promotes mental and physical healing. Tapping has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues. The incredible life-transforming results I\’ve witnessed, including my own, is what inspires me to teach it to other people.

These miraculous results demonstrate how the LoA and E.F.T. intrinsically work together and allow you to deliberately create your own reality, rather than merely face reality. By realizing this phenomenon and freeing yourself from the grip of negative thinking, you can confidently deal with any of your existing issues, and literally, tap into your natural state of well-being to begin attracting the endless abundance you rightly deserve into your life.

The basis for \’tapping\’ is an essential concept to grasp because it reaffirms the importance of firstly acknowledging the problem.

As mentioned above, the process emphasizes this by requiring us to focus on our negative feelings and beliefs, before we can free ourselves from them. This is applicable none more so than with self-sabotage because it\’s a deeply ingrained condition affecting us for a prolonged period of time.

Many people have difficulty comprehending why you first need to accept the negative issue, before pursuing positivity with affirmations and meditation etc. A light must shine on the darkness in order to solve the mystery. The underlying \’Self-Sabotage Syndrome\’ needs to be accepted as such and dealt with accordingly.

EFT is, therefore, not only a powerful healer, but it\’s also an extraordinary teacher. It explains why it often works, where nothing else will.

– Gus

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