Spiritual Practices for Mind, Body, Spirit Wholeness: Goddess Chants

Welcome to the fifth installment in our Spiritual Practices series!

Each month, I’m introducing you to one of my favorites and this month, I’m sharing with you one of the things that so captured me when I first “discovered” the Divine Feminine over 30 years ago – Goddess chants.

I’m a life-long singer – starting with elementary school chorus, then as the lead in various musicals through high school and college, and now in a wonderful women’s chorus in New York City. Singing is literally one of my “therapies!”

And it turns out, that’s no surprise. There’s now lots of research about the benefits of singing – here are just a few:

  • Leads to the release of the “feel good” hormones, like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.
  • Strengthens the immune system and improves lung function.
  • Increases mindfulness since you have to be fully present to focus on the sounds and words.

When I first started facilitating women’s circles in the mid-90s, I quickly learned that chanting was a whole other level of singing… basically a vocal meditation. The chants are always simple so you can learn them quickly, then repeat them over and over till you feel a shift in consciousness. If you’ve ever sung Sanskrit devotional chants in a satsang at a yoga studio or spiritual retreat you’ve experienced the power of chanting.

At this point, I know dozens of chants and often share them in my virtual New Moon SisterCircles at the Wellness Universe, as well as in my #InnerGoddessTeam videos on YouTube.

So, I’m excited to share with you a sampling of them, incorporating the following themes:

  • Healing
  • Self-love
  • Empowerment
  • Embracing the Goddess
  • Comfort
  • Honoring Ancestors

I’m also including chants for each of the four elements – fire, water, air, and earth – which are the building blocks of life and can be used to invoke the directions as you create sacred space in circles.

You can watch the video below to hear the chants themselves, and if you watch it on YouTube, you’ll get even more information in the description there, including the words for all of them.

Enjoy… and let me know your favorite!

Please join me next month when I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite “morning meds” (my daily meditations) — Body Prayer, created by the medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich.

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