The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love - Jenny Tasker

Many people have asked me how on earth I can stay so positive and forgiving when I have been through so many hurts and struggles.

My answer is simple: so what! We\’ve all been through hurts and struggles. We all have stories, heartaches, losses and pains that have molded us into who we are today. So what makes me so special you ask?

Absolutely nothing and absolutely everything!!

We are on this incredibly confusing journey together to learn love – quite a simple task that can take some of us many lifetimes to learn.

You see, love has to start with us, but most confuse self love for ego, and that is where love is used for self-serving reasons, and as weapons.

If we love ourselves completely and unconditionally then we are honoring our \’true amazing self\’, and in this you will find your own personal light source. This light source is so incredibly powerful that embracing it only makes you and those around you lighter and stronger.

I have had the honor and privilege of being shown at a very young age who we are. Much I did not understand, but as I have aged and learned, I have grown in my skills and abilities. So, what I’m saying is I’ve been told. And unless a whole lot of \’all loving spirits\’ are playing a lifetime joke on me, I can say I Know.

Your life is about you.
You come in alone and you leave alone – well you\’re actually guided, but you get my drift. Life is about loving yourself, the imperfect and utterly amazing you! Once you master this you live and breathe love, you become mindful about all of the glorious moments, and you love them – all of them – good and bad, because you see it’s as simple as this.

If I didn’t have the bad moments, I would never have learned to truly appreciate the simplicity of just being. Enjoying the fact that I feel well enough to sit outside at the moment, listening to the singing of the birds and the hammering of the wind and rain, and if I’m really lucky some beautiful sunshine on my face for an hour or two! That is me, just being happy to be alive! To be able to sit here as I write, listening to the howls of the trains crossing each other, heading by on their evening runs, what a gift life is!

Just be thankful for the gift of another day of learning, making mistakes, loving, and living.

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