The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

I don\’t know what it is about me and red shoes.

Somehow, they symbolize to me a sense of personal power. Of standing out in the crowd. Of not being afraid to be who you are. Of freedom.

When I was young I was that shy little girl standing off by herself in the corner, afraid to be seen, afraid to speak her truth, afraid of being different from everyone else, even though, in my heart, I already knew I was different. I did everything I could to fit in, to be just like everyone else. Except it didn\’t work.

I was like the ugly duckling in that old children\’s story. I was a baby swan living among ducks.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a duck.

I wanted to be a duck. I longed to be a duck.

As time went on, I grew more and more different from the crowd. I think at some point I realized that if I was going to be different, I might as well be really different.

From trying to fit in to determined to stand out, I began to challenge those around me to begin to think for themselves. I questioned all the established rules and regulations of the belief system that I had identified with for my entire life. It did not go over well.

Last night my hubby and I were watching a documentary on the evolution of thought revolving around the cure of cancer. I learned that the technology and the revelation of the leading scientists that are now right on the edge of a major breakthrough in the cure for cancer actually had been suggested by scientists way back at the beginning of the century but they did not have the technology or the knowledge of how to put into action their original findings into a workable antidote.

Sometimes those of us who choose to think outside of the box are only the forerunners for those who eventually share the revelations to the world.

My point?

Do you have something inside of you that is churning, burning inside of you that you are sure will change the world? Does it seem to be at odds with the collective thinking of the day? You are not alone! Many of  us have been in the position of being the person who is caught wearing red shoes in a sea of loafers!

Don\’t be afraid to stand out! Don\’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind, to stand up and reveal your true self to the world!

It may not go over well at first.

The original scientists who came up with ideas concerning a cure for cancer never got the recognition in their lifetime for the ideas that they presented.

Here\’s another suggestion… what if you are wrong?

I have struggled with this one myself…

This has been my conclusion..

So what!

Bottom line is, if you feel joy, if you are not harming another living thing,  then Get out there and do and say and be what gives your heart joy!
Let me warn you that others may or  may not share the joy you are feeling! Allow them the right to feel or not feel joy, as long as you are not harming them in any way, or taking away their right to choose their own path.
I have learned that our souls give us this sure fire way to know if something is right for us or not. When we decide to go ahead and do or think or say something that is right in line with our soul\’s purpose, we get this amazing feeling of joy.
Just for today, think about what would give your heart joy. Throw caution to the wind and PUT ON THOSE RED SHOES! 
I am embarking upon an adventure and I have decided to take my red high heel shoes with me. I am going to take some photos of those red shoes with things that have brought me joy.. whether it be sitting at the beach, watching a sunset, or riding with my feet hanging out the window blowing in the breeze!
My goal is to really really experience joy. Whether I am doing something profound or just mundane. I choose to experience joy in my life.
What about you? What would change in your life if your goal was to experience joy?
The challenge is on!

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