The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Rhonda Hendricks

The #Wellness Universe #Quote of the Day by Rhonda Hendricks #WUVIP #Love #peace

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Rhonda Hendricks


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Rhonda and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…



Let\’s #SHIFT this year from waiting for open doors…to BE-ing the Open Door, instead. Be an open door that would carry a substance of Love, Peace, Joy, and Light, causing others to be able to “SEE” and awaken in Life. I truly believe that spiritual maturity is more about BE-ing…than becoming. There should be more emphasis on simply, BE-ing.

People think they are not good enough the way they are. They think they need to become wealthier, thinner, funnier, happier, braver, or more intelligent to reach some kind of destination and/or idea of who they need to be. What if we realized in 2016, that we already ARE who we need to BE? That we can live from a place of being, peace, joy, love, contentment, and awareness of all that is NOW. Our own awareness is the greatest catalyst for change in our lives and bringing about change in our world. Awareness comes from a place of stillness, observation, rest, a place of simply BE-ing present now. For those of us who want to change the world, the greatest thing we can do is experience a shift in our own consciousness. The world is a reflection of our own state of consciousness.

I feel that I need to repeat this:  “Awareness will be our greatest catalyst” of BE-ing, impacting, and influencing the world we live in. We have to be the evidence of Grace and truth in the world. Our lives must be the demonstration that carries the substance of Life, joy, peace, and love.

In closing, I would like to say that YOU are Enough! You are not one in a million; you are one in eternity! Let\’s #SHIFT from waiting for open doors… to BE-ing the open door that would activate and facilitate life in others, and the world we live in.”



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