Unfolding in the World – The Best Way to Trust What Is

Lisa Barnett Soul guidance

It can feel like a challenge to look at current events and not feel the pain and grief of those we observe suffering. But the Akashic Masters say that bearing witness is a call to upgrade by examining our own lives, both past, and present, to heal the wounds that prevent us from moving into forgiveness and compassion. If we can trust that the world stage is pointing us to our own healing, collective change is possible.

The speed of change

The energy of the world has never moved at such a quick pace. Change seems to be happening, often multiple times a day, in a way that can make us feel unstable.

A lot of people choose to get angry about it. Some do it overtly, taking it out on other cars on the road when driving or snapping at grocery store cashier. Others are more covert, double parking in a way that inconveniences people or not returning a misdelivered letter to its rightful owner.

Anger is always an option. But it’s just that. An option. We can choose other ways to deal with the emotions that arise from the energy shifting in the world right now.

Start with the mirror

Christine scheduled an appointment with me because “I can’t deal with the person I’ve become.” She told me she had tried many different things over the last few months, including stress-relieving techniques and meditation, but just couldn’t seem to quell the rage.

“It’s no wonder I feel this way,” she said. “All you have to do is turn on the news and the horrible way we treat each other is everywhere. I know why I’m angry, but I don’t know what to do about it.”

Digging deeper to find the cause

We opened her Akashic Records and in a quick turn, several past lives were revealed.

In one, she had been an orphan, raised on the streets where she never really knew the comfort of a safe home. The second that we got a glimpse of showed us her life as someone who had been wrongly accused of a crime, spending a decade in prison.

But it was the third life that the Akashic Masters showed us that really had an impact. Christine had been an extremely talented painter in a time when women were not permitted to be professional artists.

Not only was she not permitted to express herself creatively, but her father also married her off to a man twice her age where she was forced to birth and raise his heirs. The agony we each felt from the denial of her true self in that lifetime was profound.

The power of opening your eyes

When our whirlwind trip into her past lives concluded, Christine immediately understood her current anger. “I still behave this way.” She was emotional. “I am in a marriage I wish I weren’t. I hate my job. My sister treats me like crap. And I allow it. I allow all of it.”

We talked about the powerlessness she felt in each of the past lives we were shown. The correlation between how she lived then and how she was living now was very clear.

We worked with the Akashic Masters to release the emotional pain from those past lives. I gave her some of the healing prayers that I channeled from the Record Keepers to continue to release anger, and shame and assist with empowerment, we also created an intention for Christine to begin to take the steps needed to enable her to feel her true power in this life.

Sustainable change

I heard from her six months after our session. “I’ve been on the accelerated program,” she laughed. “All the therapy and couples counseling. The money I’ve paid to career coaches over the years. None of it provided anywhere near the understanding or empowerment I got from seeing the results of living that way.”

Within a year, Christine separated from her husband, set boundaries with her sister to eliminate the treatment she had once accepted, and she had returned to school so she could become a teacher, something she’d always wanted to do but was discouraged from trying by her husband because it didn’t pay much.

There are still things that upset her about what goes on in the world around her. Let’s face it, it hasn’t really gotten better since I met with her. But now when she chooses to take action about something, it is coming from a place of wanting to share power, not from being a victim. That makes all the difference in the world in the results.

I know that we are all feeling the impact of the energy that is changing rapidly around us. We are being called to Higher Ground. And the Akashic Masters remind me all the time that in order to make that journey, we must be willing to upgrade our own lives.

I encourage you to take a step in that direction. Be bold. Be courageous. Look in the mirror and consider exploring your own Akashic Records so that you can identify the true source of the discomfort that you feel. I promise it will support the desires of your soul to live a more authentic life and contribute to a world that we all can live in comfortably.

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