Upleveling Wellness Featuring Rosemary Levesque

In our everchanging world, it seems as though the pace of life is moving increasingly faster, working itself into a whirlwind. The need for self-care, mental health, and prevention is quickly becoming a necessity for survival. We all want to live healthier, more peaceful lives but where do we go for help? And if you don’t have the extra cash, what can you do to help yourself?

Upleveling Wellness, a Wellness Universe exclusive series, is here to guide you. Glean from our experts’ wisdom and walk the path to a healthier, happier you.

Today, we introduce you to Rosemary Levesque.

The Wellness Universe (WU): What do you do?

Rosemary Levesque (RL): I help people discover their natural healing potential, utilizing tools and methods for optimal self-healing.

WU: Why did you choose to devote your career to this?

RL: Modern systems have failed to promote natural healing at great cost – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – failing us with serious side-effects and bad outcomes. When people have no hope, I offer real solutions that do no harm.

WU: How does your work help individuals?

RL: My work helps people to erase fear and hopelessness to get real results that help them heal on all levels.

WU: How can your work improve wellness in the workplace?

RL: Better sleep, more energy, fewer illnesses, and more joy in life . . . these all translate to greater productivity and well being.

WU: What can individuals do to help improve their wellness?

RL: Become aware of toxicity, heavy metals, and other challenges in their environment. Actively work to reduce and remove toxicity. Support healing energetically with an array of modalities that encourage movement, going outside, reducing stress, and supporting the body’s natural healing system.

WU: How can employers improve wellness in the workplace?

RL: Employers can make improvements by supporting alternative, natural healing modalities. Most insurances cover little to none, relying instead on modern medicine and medically endorsed practices. Having access to natural systems would be leading-edge in the workplace.

WU: How can healthcare providers better support their clients/patients?

RL: Better support comes through better listening and advocating for a holistic approach that includes integrative therapies, modalities, and products. Also, providers need to be up-to-date on integrative therapies to help bring awareness to their clients. I like to include other practitioners who complement my services so that my clients have a team with whom they can work.

WU: How can individuals, employers, and the healthcare system navigate proactive vs reactive care?

RL: Though a response to this question might bring to mind screening, I prefer to enhance proactive care with self-awareness, paying attention to supporting nutrition, stress release, and toxicity. These are core issues that are greatly influenced by modern foods and chemicals, addictive behavior, and stagnation. Let’s build a stronger foundation of health with fundamentals so that there’s little or nothing to which someone may react.

WU: Tell us about a gaffe you made in the course of your practice, how it affected your client or business, and what you learned from it.

RL: My biggest mistake was trying to separate working with animals from working with people. I actually created a separate website – one for each – to make this separation clear. Instead of reaching a broader audience, it detracted from the message that we are all together, living on the same planet, and often in the same house. Our animals connect us to them and us to each other! The clients who want to work with me love animals. I help them see the connection so that what they do for their animals is possible for them, and vise versa.

WU: What is the best client outcome you provided?

RL: Time and time again, never just once, people and their animals are well. Many people call me in the most dire situations, and at the last minute. Those are tough, but not impossible. The best client outcome is one in which there’s good health and fast healing for life. Prevention by building a strong foundation through knowledge and practices is the best way to live, rather than always trying to fix something. I love keeping my clients around as friends who are well.

WU: Please share a quote you live by.

RL: Remember your power to heal.

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