Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for March 13th

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Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for March 13th! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

Scarcity and Excess in an Abundant World:

Life on this magnificent planet is a dichotomy of great magnitude. One such example is how do so many people experience such deprivation, while others experience such abundance? How can there be such inequity in a world offering so much? How can it be brought into balance?

I believe life presents what is required to bring about what is needed to fulfill life’s purpose.

With that being said, I also believe what we see and experience in this world as inequity is in fact life presenting what is required to those for whom the experience is intended. However, I also see and believe much of what we see in this world is a result of human greed, hate, and fear.

For me, it boils down to why we are here? A question that comes to mind as I consider my role is, “why are some born into what appears a more abundant life while others are born into what appears to be scarcity?” As I consider my own life, “what did I do or not do to deserve the life I’m experiencing?”

If a belief is held that one person is more deserving than another, and therefore, has been given a life that appears more abundant, we have to question the criteria used for that “judgment?” And perhaps more importantly, who or what is doing the judging?

When I consider the circumstances under which some people live, I reflect on what I can or should do.

Am I to do something about the inequities or am I to allow life to unfold as it does as a quiet observer of all that is unfolding? If you were taught and believe, as I do, that everyone is created equal, how does it make sense that there is inequality? What if you were taught and believe we are all one and what is done to one is done to all? Or, that what is available and of benefit to one is available and of benefit to all. More correctly, it is a birthright.

The answer is simple and yet complex. The word to describe this oxymoron is simplexity. Life in and of itself is simple in its unfoldment. Nothing impedes its expression. It is perfect in every way. It is humanity that brings the complex to life.

It is we who deny others their birthright out of fear, greed, and hate.

It is we who build walls to keep those we have judged at bay. It is we who live in self-imposed prisons constructed of fear that resists what life presents to be the difference we say we want in the world.

It’s interesting that some of the most valuable (based on the value we give them) resources on the planet are found where people live under some of the cruelest conditions, both natural and manmade. Was this by design? What if it was done to compel us to come together as one to share what we as a whole have been provided? But instead, we have chosen to fight out of greed, fear, hatred, and misunderstanding, all of which widens the divide. What if all we see and experience in the world is provided so humanity can simply understand what to this point has been misunderstood?

Humanity is at a tipping point.

The side to which it falls or rises depends upon the choices that are made and subsequent actions that are taken, both individually and collectively. We live in an abundant, beautiful world. A world in which everything that is required to fulfill life’s purpose is provided. It is we who choose how and when that purpose is fulfilled. We can choose fear and live fearfully, or we can choose love and live lovingly. Whichever choice is made, calls to us that world and its attendant consequences.

Which choice do you make, which world are you calling?

See you back here this time next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for March 20th!

– Jim

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