Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for March 20th

Jim Phillips\' Wednesday Wisdom for March 20th by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomForMarch20th #WednesdayWisdom

Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for March 20th! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

Stripped and Fully Exposed …

As I consider my life’s journey to this moment, what I have accomplished and more importantly, what I have experienced, I realize that the most rewarding experiences are those when I am stripped and fully exposed.

This might cause some of you to question what I mean by stripped and fully exposed and for others, it will conjure images of a middle-aged man with no clothes on, and for that I am sorry!

What I am speaking of is the removing of the clothes of humanity, stripped of the doubts, the fears and the limitations of being human, and instead, being fully exposed and present to my magnificence.

What does it mean to step into your magnificence? It means fully accepting, knowing and trusting who you are and know your Self to be. It means to trust and live from a deep level of knowing that you are, always have been, and always will be all that you need to create and experience all that you desire. It is taking that joyous leap of faith into the truth of who you are.

When I am present to my magnificence, I allow my Self to see all that I am capable of and all that is possible.

It is in this most vulnerable state, stripped, and fully exposed, that I am able to see and understand my magnificence. It is from within my magnificence that I can create, experience and receive all of the goodness that life has to offer.

Some might say that to be vulnerable is to be at one’s most weakened state, when in Truth, to be vulnerable is to be at one’s most heightened, most available and most powerful state. When we stand in our vulnerability, pure and innocent, everything that is not of our true essence has fallen away giving rise to our magnificence.

Vulnerability is at the core of living in full expression. It means to be naked, raw, authentic and fully available. It means to be courageous, bold and receptive. It means to give in to and live from the truth of who you are.

“Life provides what you ask for and are in most need of so you can live in full expression of who you truly are.”

If we are not in full expression, we are in Self-denial. We are denying our Self the experience of love, beauty, passion, and joy that is our very reason for living. When we live in full expression, we are true to ourselves, expressing who we know our Self to be in that moment.

It is allowing who we are, our authentic Self, our Divine Self to be seen, enjoyed, embraced, experienced, and appreciated by all. And more importantly, it is our seeing, enjoying, embracing, experiencing, and appreciating our Self for who we are now and who we are in the process of becoming.

We are vulnerable anytime we step outside of what has become comfortable, even though what is comfortable might not be true. We become vulnerable when we feel things are out of our control. The Truth is, life is precarious. At any moment we are subject to the vagaries of life.

In what might seem an apparent contradiction, it is when we are our most vulnerable that we are our most powerful. When we allow the façade of who we think and believe our Self to be, to be replaced with the Truth of who we are, we enter into our magnificence where we are our most creative, most passionate, most alive version of our Self.

“Within vulnerability lies our magnificence.”

Our true power lies in knowing that whatever life presents, whether challenging, difficult or grand, we are always capable of handling it, and it is always for our benefit, otherwise it would not have been presented.

Dare to be stripped and fully exposed. Dare to live in and as your magnificence.

See you back here this time next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for March 27th!

– Jim

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