Words Can Change Your World

Do you remember the rhyme, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” This is a mighty powerful affirmation if you have a mighty powerful foundation of personal values.

The truth is words do hurt. Words can affect the health of the person saying words and those who hear them.

Many people will reference a time when a person said something that “really hurt me” or “I will never forget what he, she, they said about me or to me.” Or “How could they say something like that about me?”

If you say these things, I urge you to take time to get to know more about yourself and your feelings. There is so much more going on within you when this is your response to what someone has said to you or about you.

Throughout time, words and images have been used in different ways by different cultures the world over to communicate, hand down knowledge, or record history. Words and images carry intent and emotion. Words carry purpose. They tell a story, call for help, and express a range of emotions.

When you speak, you not only affect yourself but all who hear you.

Did you know that your spoken words permeate every cell of your body and the aura of those who hear you?

When you speak words of kindness, happiness, and encouragement you offer a soothing uplifting vibration to yourself and those around you. When you speak lovingly and tenderly you create a vibration of harmony, joy, and good health to every cell in your body.

Consider how you feel when you are upset, distressed or angry. During these times your physical body is already in a state of tension. Your blood vessels constrict. Your pupils dilate and constrict. You have less oxygen in your whole body because you’re in a state of anger. You may not realise it, you take shorter, stifled breaths. When you shout or raise your voice to speak words of anger, you cause distress and upset to yourself and create more disturbance to every cell in your body.

Not only is it you that you are affecting, but you also affect and potentially infect those around you. During these moments, your words have a toxic, poisoning effect on other people.

Have you ever been upset or angry and noticed you felt exhausted and tired?

Perhaps you experience a headache or have difficulty sleeping? Many people say they have been unable to eat which is due to the excessive rush of hormones in the stomach and the constriction in the intestines and bowel. The effects can last in the physical body for some days with unsettled sleeping patterns, tiredness, indigestion, or leaving you with a feeling of being unable to eat properly and unable to go to the toilet.

How can you change your world and health with words?

We are in a new experience right now, one that we have never experienced before. We face the time of the old world, or the world as we knew it, to that of the new world, at this very moment.

Now more than ever it is so important that we embrace a new understanding of how we use our words and thoughts. By choosing to step into this new awareness we shift our vibration and heal ourselves, this choice will ensure that with each day we build a greater sense of resilience and inner peace.

This means that when we emerge from this challenging time, we will be like the Phoenix from the fire that we are stronger, more aligned with our truth and knowing what our life is to be from that day on.

Right now, many people are feeling the challenge of this time at the very core of their being. Begin today to increase your vibration by using these simple practices.

Be consciously aware of your feelings. Think before you speak in times of anger, upset or distress. Keep your mind, body, and soul vibrant, healthy and strong with your choice of words. Take the time to know where you are in yourself by checking in on your feelings. Most of all, be true to yourself. The way forward is to look within not outwards for love, calm, and happiness. You are the one who is “feeling” and reacting. Only you can own and control your reactions and feelings. Be kind to yourself and others as you move through each day, practice affirmations of gratitude, love, and harmony.

– Gwenda

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