10 Ways to Share Love and Kindness

Kindness is love made visible.

– Swanepoel Raktivist

Love and kindness blossom when we release self-love and abundance to the world from our hearts!

During this time like no other, the big energies of love and kindness are being called in to lay the groundwork and fill in gaps. Abundant love and kindness lie within each one of us as part of the fabric that connects us. For some, this has yet to be tapped and for others, this is a wellspring.

Good news!

Each of us has the untapped, positive potential for sharing love and kindness no matter how seemingly simple or expansive. All of this contributes to more love and a greater sense of wellbeing, even in the midst of challenge and growth.

Here Are 10 Ways to Share Love and Kindness Today:

  1. Practice Daily Gratitude

Go inward to give outwardly by finding and naming what brings your gratitude and thanksgiving. Start and complete your day with a beautiful dose of gratitude. What you name in thanks, is extended out in abundance.

  1. Smile with Intention

Smile from within to generate a smile on your lovely face. Nothing spreads instant ease, care, and love like a warm smile. So, smile!

  1. Compliments

Share with someone a positive thought you have about them, regarding something they are doing, have done, or that you admire. Complimenting another connects you to them with positive attention and sets them up with positive for sharing. What you share aloud with them shows thoughtful care, and paying this forward is simply a natural occurrence of goodness given.

  1. Leave A Note

Leave a small handwritten note to someone you love. This can look like a sticky note posted in places like the coffee maker or fridge or dresser! It’s a small but mighty way to say I’m thinking about you right now!

  1. Meditate 

Taking an intentional time out for yourself in meditation and silence is a gift. Not only is it a gift of self-love, but also one that radiates outwardly as calm and renewed energy. Giving ourselves a loving time to reset and renew covers others in our own calm.

  1. Pray

Sending thoughtful life-affirming requests for others\’ wellbeing, support, protection, and care shows up in the world as the energy of love. When in prayer and gratitude our positive thought filled energy spreads harmony and care.

  1. Listen

When we open up all of our senses to fully listen, such is love being spread. Intentional listening without interrupting or filling in what we think needs to be the next sentence is love in motion. Listening fully from the start to finish shows care and support, and in the process, spreads love.

  1. Food Support

Cooking a meal and sharing food is love-101! Food is a universal love language. Food and love go together as a balanced means of intention and action. 

  1. Let Another Driver Merge

How many times have you tried to merge in another lane in busy traffic being ignored and feeling stuck? How good have you felt when you’ve been given pause to merge into the next lane? Being intentional with care for other drivers gives them the gift to pass along. This is an easy way to begin the journey of learning how to show and extend love.

  1. Volunteer In Your Community

If time allows, sign-up for a one and done event, or an ongoing need at a center, clinic, school, or shelter in your community. Volunteering our time and energy invites deeper more intimate connections which in turn fosters greater love and kindness.

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