13 Tips To Living A Simpler Life

13 Tips To Living A Simpler Life

One of my deepest beliefs is that we often make life so much harder than it need be. We find ourselves making decisions based on things we’ve already complicated in our heads instead of just seeing the reality of it. We often convolute such simple things because we are viewing it from a perspective that is, often times, based on feelings of lack, anger, hurt, and mistrust. Time and time again, I have come back to the same lessons  learned and so I decided to compile a list of some of these lessons or tips and share them with you in hopes that what I’ve experienced might be able to help you navigate your way to a simpler and ultimately happier life.

1. The world is not out to get you. There is no big conspiracy against you.

2. Everything and everyone has come into your life to help and guide you in some manner. Be open to it.

3. No matter what is going on around you, you have the choice on how you want to react and ultimately feel.

4. Your life is blessed every single day, in so many ways, and when you begin to realize that, you will begin to see your whole life as one continuous miracle!

5. All the events, situations, and people are brought into your life to teach you ways to improve, not the other way around. Be open to it!

6. The world and your life really is how you perceive it, not what others say. That’s their perception.

7. When you’re ready for change, your life will change. All you have to do is say the words.

8. Taking risks and chances only improves your life. You grow from it no matter the outcome.

9. No matter what has happened in your life that keeps you feeling “stuck” from moving forward, you can overcome anything if you give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

10. Your past does not dictate your future.

11. Love really does exist. Not over there, not in him or her, or in that car or that job. Stop the wild goose chase. It’s been in you all along. You are the love of your life. Now start treating yourself as you are!

12. You were born for greatness and only YOU choose to fill this calling or not.

13. Finally, LIFE GOES ON!

I would love for you to share in the comment section below, some things that have helped you move through life a little bit lighter and whole a lot happier.

Here is to simplicity!

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