The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Barbara Rawnsley

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Barbara Rawnsley

Our quote of the day is a poetic thought from Barbara Rawnsley. Peace and tranquility inevitably make their way into your consciousness as you breathe in this quote, and her expanded thought. Beautiful…


Barbara Rawnsley WU 12

Your mind thinks nothing but nothingness retiring of energy spent on obliviousness when you reach within maturity of your Soul.

Looking at this life, your life, from a new light, a new dimension appears, it is Peace making its place of your mind, where you yearn to rest awhile and listen. Listening with your eyes closed most times to silence and other times you begin to hear for the first time sounds of happiness uplifting your spirit as your joy imagines, the nature of birds singing in chorus’ from their chirpy little hearts.

It is a shift within nature’s gift to remove the mayhem as you step into a reality born of your consciousness flowing in the direction of unconditional love.

Without a doubt, your dreams are born and long awaited in time. You want to shed your skin like the caterpillar transforming in its magnificence the beautiful butterfly as she opens her crown while the sun bespeckles her wings with his warm embrace as she flickers into the blue, singing, frolicking, whispering out loud ‘I am of divine’

Feel the love you have always felt, let it arise above all else that you had hidden deep in your Soul until now. Your presence now begins to bloom like a lotus flower opening up to the mega opportunities of beauty as you share your gifts of divine experiences, dreams, goals, skills, tools and successes with the world.

This is the time, the prime of your life where you are rewarded of your values and beliefs with recognition of respect and love in a dignified manner, so dear to you, is your connection to whom you have taught the most beautiful ways of love and to love, so others can flourish in love.

Life has a learning and teaching spectrum and the only way for you, is make the shift within yourself to receive and give unconditionally. Allow your heart to fully caress your Spirit in the gentle dance of the cosmos where you have always blossomed and never forgotten. You may think ‘I have been here before’ ~ Remember.

– Barbara Rawnsley

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