25 Ways to Add Value to Your Email Marketing Messages

25 Ways to Add Value to Your Email Marketing Messages by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EmailMarketing

If someone had told me how important email marketing was back in 2008 when I became an entrepreneur I’d still be thanking them today.

What I didn’t know then, I had to teach myself and get over a lot of resistance about. I’m going to make this easier for you! If you’re starting out in your healing business and you’re interested in growing it, you’ll want to move through the doubt, fear, and resistance and start looking at your email list as a very special way to serve your current and prospective clients.

These are special people who’ve opted into your business and message and are a captive audience waiting for your badassery. Before I share these 25 ways to add some value to your email marketing messages, I’m going to suggest you create a practice of three important steps along the way.

These are things I had to cultivate during my journey and that helped me be much more successful with my business mission:

  1. An unapologetic mindset about who you are, what you do, and the worth of your mission, business, and offerings.
  2. A discipline of awareness to keep you aligned with your why and mission for your life and business.
  3. Consistent, positive, on-purpose action. Having these three practices in place before you tackle your marketing will create a foundation of confidence and courage you’ll need to stay in this for the long haul. The inner work is more important than the outer work. Create this solid foundation as you share your message with the world!

The following list will help you with ideas about how to serve your clients and prospective clients with your email messages. Remember, they joined your list, so they already want to hear what you have to say. Now it’s a matter of providing the value, inspiration, information, and unique offers only you can provide. I will provide you with 25 cool ways to add value, authenticity, and some badass to those messages.

Here are 25 Ways to Add Value to Your Email Marketing Messages:

  1. Special discounts for your programs.
  2. An insider-look into your process.
  3. Links to your favorite blogs (the ones you’ve written, or others your audience may enjoy).
  4. Cool tips, tricks or secrets you’ve learned that make your life easier.
  5. Your favorite recipe.
  6. Your favorite poem.
  7. A list of books that changed your life.
  8. A link to your favorite TED talk.
  9. Giveaways or contests.
  10. Photos of you behind the scenes.
  11. A list of your favorite inspirational quotes.
  12. A free taste of one of your programs (a special video training or PDF).
  13. A list of your favorite affirmations.
  14. A breakdown of the routines that you use for success.
  15. A free e-book about your area of expertise.
  16. Highlight one of your clients in a special interview.
  17. First dibs for program sign-ups.
  18. A free gift for program sign-ups.
  19. A list of your favorite resources in your area of expertise.
  20. A free chapter or two from your book(s).
  21. A chance to be in a BETA program or to be an advanced reader for your book.
  22. Access to a special Q&A, webinar, or support call.
  23. An invitation to your next live event at a discount or an offer for a free “bring a friend” ticket.
  24. A list of your favorite shortcuts or life hacks.
  25. Your favorite playlist.

There are so many more ways to serve your email list.

Think real. Think personal. Think unique and special. Think fun. Think about the emails you’ve received and which ones you’ve loved the most! What are those folks doing to make you not only open up every email they send but click on your links?

Drop me a little note in the comments with your email marketing questions or add something to the list to help everyone out!

– Laura

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