26 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

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How do you give back to your community, especially around the holidays?

It\’s the holidays and that means everyone is busy getting their shopping done, decorating, gift wrapping, making travel plans, cooking, etc. Just writing that alone can cause some anxiety and stress to kick in. And often with that stress, we sometimes lose sight of what the true meaning of this season is really about. We are so busy trying to acquire the latest gadget or newest toy and forget that the holidays has nothing to do with “stuff” and everything to do with how you love, how you share, and how you make others feel.

There are many people throughout the world who don\’t have families or homes to brighten up with light and love. The team here at, The Wellness Universe, ask that this season you remember them and help to bring back the true spirit of the season. Giving.

We have put together a list of things you and your family can do to help bring some warmth to others this season! Let\’s let those around the world know that they aren\’t forgotten about and are definitely loved and appreciated.

Happy Holidays!
Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse
Founders, The Wellness Universe

26 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

From our WU Team


Kimberly Bayne – Social Media Manager/Customer Support

  • Contact your local Orphanage and take the children Christmas presents.
  • Contact your local Red Cross, in the winter months house fires happen more often due to chimney fires and space heaters. Set up a clothing drive.
  • Gather your neighbors and set up a time to go around to the elderly and or disabled homes and mow their yard, remove snow from their drive or give them food.
  • Show respect to Law Enforcement and/or your local Fire and Rescue Dept. They put their lives in the line every day, make them baked goods and thank you cards.
  • Go to your local community college and find out who may be struggling to pay their tuition and donate money.

Ashley Brewer – Blog Manager/Customer Support

  • Pack Stockings for the homeless to deliver to local shelters. Fill them with hygiene items, socks, gloves, and other things to keep warm such as hand/feet warmers.
  • Have a bake sale with all of the proceeds going to your charity of choice.
  • Give away all of your accumulated Christmas décors to a lesser-fortunate family such as a single parent.
  • Start a gift-wrapping stand in exchange for canned goods to donate to local food pantry.
  • Volunteer your services/skills in your spare time online through SkillsForChange.org in exchange for helping nonprofits meet challenges they are faced with.

Heather Durling – Editor/Customer Support

  • Next time you visit your favorite coffee place drive through, pay it forward by picking up the tab for the person behind you in line. You can even make little cards that you can have the cashier give to them that say things like “Merry Christmas, Enjoy Your Coffee!” or “Happy Holidays!”
  • When at the bookstore, hide a $1 or $5 bill into a book for someone to find, with a note that says, “From Santa”.
  • Leave random post-it notes on public restroom mirrors that are inspiring, like “You are Enough.” and “You Matter.” Choose what inspires you, and share it.
  • The things that we take for granted like underwear, socks, toothpaste and toothbrushes, etc are what homeless people need the most.You can donate these kinds of items to your local homeless shelter or if you live in a big city or metro area, you can put together gift bags to give to the homeless that you come across while out and about. You can locate your local homeless shelter by visiting here http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/
  • Foster children experience life much different than most. They often times have to move from home to home with their belongings in a garbage bag, sometimes with very little. Foster Care Closets are locally driven, donation based charities that provide clothing, underclothing, toys, shoes, baby equipment, gear and in some cases furniture to children placed in the foster care system in your state. You can donate new or like new items to your local Foster Closet by doing a search like “Foster Closet Michigan”, and then locate one nearest to you.

Heather Lang – Community Support

  • Decorate a neighbors home who can\’t do it themselves; purchase the items if you are in a position to do so and surprise them.
  • Adopt a family in need to provide food, gifts, etc; organize a group of family & friends to get more involved.
  • Visit strangers/people in assisted living/nursing homes/hospitals, dropping off small gifts like candy canes.
  • Get the children involved ~ Small child-made gifts/ornaments/pictures for elderly in homes or children sick in the hospital and their families.
  • Make nut and seed ornaments to hang on outside trees for wildlife – another great idea to do with children.

Jenny Tasker – Social Media Manager

  • Take the time, to notice the need around you
  • Lend your ear, and listen without judgment
  • Open your heart, and be a needless friend
  • Shine your light, to brighten the path of another
  • Bend your plans, to put someone else first
  • Stretch your love, and pay it forward

Have a beautiful holiday season filled with the spirit of GIVING BACK! What are some ways that you and your family like to give back during the holidays?

With lots of Love & Light

The Wellness Universe Team


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