3 Essentials for Living Happy While Exploring Your Purpose


1. Have a Dream

2. Believe

3. Respect Your Worth

Is it really that simple? Yes.

The essence of childhood, playfulness, smiles, giggles, and looking forward to each and every brand new day was because we had one thing we owned, no matter how many toys, playmates or how much money we had … We had imagination. No one can take our imagination from us. No one could steal our dreams… This only happened as we grew up. So, how do we get it back? How do we see Possibilities again? How do we figure out our Purpose?

Have A Dream

Dream. Dream big. If you already do, you get what I’m saying here. If your reaction is yea… right then you may need to work on your power of positive thinking and possibilities mindset. It takes a lifetime to be programmed into thinking dreams are unattainable, but they are not. In fact, anyone who has ever arrived at a glorious place in their life or career didn’t trip over it, they at one time had that dream …. that it was possible.

What is it that you want for yourself? Your family? Your legacy? What small observation can you make about yourself, your life, that which makes you happy? Expand on that. Figure out what will make you look forward to rising each day and feeling fulfilled at its close.

Good news! Don’t overwhelm yourself by fearing your dream, thinking you can’t keep up with it. Your dream doesn’t have to occupy your entire day or life. It can be one stellar achievement, accomplishment, or experience! Or even something only you know happened and own it as your secret. It is YOURS, makes you feel good when thinking about it, and gives your life meaning and in fact is where your purpose unfolds.


Don’t let your perceived limitations dash your dreams. Perception, a double-edged sword. Perception is only based on what we think. What we think is comprised of what, where, and how we grew up or the situation we are in currently.

Perception is NOT reality … And reality doesn’t exist as the same thing in all places at all times. For example, when you experienced your first breakup, you probably thought it was the end of the world, you will never love again, or find someone that loves you. I know I cried my eyeballs out and thought some really negative stuff about myself … including I was so horribly ugly no one would ever love me, and the very worst … WHY would someone love me?

That’s another story, but you get the point. Did I believe this my whole life? No. Am I actually happy the relationship didn’t work out? Abs-a-freakin-lutly!  At some point, I BELIEVED in a brighter future for myself. I believed in my dream of finding the ultimate love in my life, living in MY full essence of who and why I AM. Well, I found that fairy tale love, in fact (hey, I said to dream big didn’t I?) and I wake up every day knowing why I am here and my environment supports my dream, my vision. This brings me to …

Respect Your Worth

Know you are worthy. That’s it. There is no trick or mind-blowing information here. As easily as you tell yourself that will never happen to me or who am I to think I am worth manifesting my dream? I say you are no one more special or less special than any other human being walking the earth receiving blessings daily.

No one is more deserving of joy than YOU. But it is you who must realize this, accept it, and respect it. It is your self-worth. Nothing of which is gifted to you that brings you joy unless you respect your value as a source of love and that you are an authentic and genuine human being, worthy of receiving everything you have inside of you, reflected back onto you. There is nothing cocky or arrogant about being worthy. In fact it\’s the opposite. People with self-worth are accountable, take action, and help others. They are aware of their significance and use it in a positive way. I believe these are just the types of folks who see many more dreams manifesting in their lives because they believe they are loved and deserving of love in all forms. This brings me to your bonus happy life essential …


Nothing is anything unless you give thanks for it; Recognize its magnificence and the role it plays.  I am grateful for the tree outside my door! What if it wasn’t there? What if there were no trees? Plants? Animals? Life would not exist. The kicker … and you have heard this before… The more you give thanks, the more of what you are thankful for will show up for you.

The little secret about gratitude, you must put it into practice. But I am grateful and still none of my dreams come true or my life still stinks. Thinking you are grateful and saying and acting grateful is the same as having a dog in the house you never pet, talk to, or cuddle.  Then you say that dog is stupid, he hates me OR you can pet,  love and play with him and create a great relationship. Ignore and expect something to happen or do and receive. Action creates a difference in your life. The dog is still there, pet it or not, your life will be affected one way or another. I choose to pet that fur ball!

Say, thank you for the little things. Be grateful for all of your blessings. Have a dream, believe in it, and that you are worth it! How can I write this? Because I live this. My dreams ARE my reality, which I love to wake up to every day and wish there were more hours to experience them. Ahhhh, living my purpose!

*Adapted from an article originally published on June 2, 2015.

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