3 Simple Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

Were you ever asked as a kid or a young adult, “So what are you going to be when you grow up?” Your answer might have been influenced by your favorite tv show, an important person in your life, or something that you felt naturally drawn to.

Your dream from kid to now may be different but reaching for it is just as important. We need to keep our dreams alive, and we can’t stop working for them just because they haven’t happened yet. If today you’re feeling a bit discouraged, overwhelmed, and frustrated, then this is for you.

Because while there’s no magic formula for making your dreams a reality, there are ways to create simple patterns and habits that will help you do the work that you need to do in order to achieve your dreams.

Here Are 3 Simple Ways to Achieve Your Dreams:

  1. Set Short-Term Goals Based On Your Long-Term Goal

Having the big picture is great because it helps you set that larger goal that’s off in the distance and where your future is headed. However sometimes the bigger dreams can feel so far off, and it can be discouraging because the progress feels small – even if it’s helping.

Our minds like seeing concrete results and progress. We’re visual people, so having a visual “I can see the direct result and difference from reaching my goal in my life” is incredibly powerful.

That’s why in order to help you see your own progress and stay motivated, you want to set short term goals that are achievable and that you can physically notice a specific difference in your life.

Whether that’s for your health, your finances, relationships, or your dream impact, you want to create specific details that you want to reach that make up the foundation of your dreams.

The more specific you are, the better you can see your progress, and the more aligned your actions will be – that’s how progress is made.

In order to help yourself stay organized, create month to month goals and separate them out into different categories so you can check in with what you’re doing each day and adjust as needed.

  1. Find Your MOFA

Your MOFA is your big motivating factor that is driving you to reach your dreams and not give up when things get hard or aren’t happening the way you want.

The things we spend our time doing are the things that are important to us. If right now, what you need to do feels like a struggle then taking this approach may help your mindset change its perspective.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the “work” it’ll take, and it feels like too much, so we stop before we really start. By finding your MOFA, you can change how you see your goal – not as something that’ll take a ton of work, but something that gives you these awesome, positive and much-desired results in your life and the lives of the people around you.

When your dream requires you to grow, change, adapt, build, show up and expand, you will feel some resistance to that change. It can be uncomfortable and put you in situations where growing feels more like a lemon being squeezed into someone’s punch bowl.

Your MOFA helps you come back from the pain, drama and hurt, and dust yourself off to keep going, stronger than you were before.

The best way to find this is to look outside yourself for what reaching your dream will do. Knowing the reason behind WHY you want what you want is a proven tactic in goal setting that will help you grow.

Think of the change that can happen when you are living your dream. What are some of the things that are the most important to you? How does your dream allow you to pursue them? How does your dream inspire, lift up and encourage others? What change does it create for the world and people around you?

Find that reason – or several reasons – and put it somewhere you’ll see it every single day to remind yourself of what you’re working for.

  1. Notice Your Negativity

We’ve all been there, sitting at our computer or lacing up our shoes ready to take the next step and then what happens? The negativity starts.

Those tiny small voices and thoughts jump in and start to change the conversation and discourage, distract, and derail us from doing what we need to do to make our dreams a reality.

Give yourself the nicest gift you could ever give it: notice those thoughts and call them out.

Catch it when it says something mean and then forgive it. Forgive yourself for being mean and start a new conversation about yourself and your dreams.

Without support, those means thoughts around that particular topic will give up. That mean-ness, that pattern of negativity, is something that we’ve learned but it’s a class that we never signed up for.

Sign up for a new class: I’m Awesome and Deserve My Dreams 101.

It’s free, location independent and accepts new students every second. There’s no limit to classroom sizes, you just have to show up and practice the material of learning how to catch that negativity and allowing yourself to choose to have a different perspective.

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