30 Angel Affirmations for April 2020

Welcome to Angel Affirmations for April 2020 with WU World Changer Janette Stuart, as she shares another 30 days’ worth of affirmations to help you shift towards a happy, healthy and positive well-being.

Welcome to the month of April. As I write this article, most of the world is affected by shelter-in-place orders and feeling the sting of uncertainty, fear and bad news. This COVID-19 virus has dramatically changed the way we all live our lives. 

This unsteadiness takes a huge toll on our energy. Be extra gentle with yourselves this month, dear hearts. You may require more rest than usual. The Angels are reminding us that they are “drenching us in love.”

I see how people are stepping up to help their neighbors, families, and friends. This is a beautiful effect of the virus and it makes me so happy. 

Affirmations can help us all during this time of uncertainty. Affirmations are wonderful self-care tools that shift our consciousness and raise our vibration, and they are truly transformational. Affirmations can feel like a fresh start, like spring cleaning after a long season of dark, damp, and dreariness. 

What Is an Affirmation?

They are short, powerful statements used to consciously affect your thoughts in a positive way. We have an estimated 50,000 thoughts a day and most of them are not pretty. Often we are very critical of ourselves and we would never dream of talking to others the way we “speak” to ourselves in our inner dialogue. I invite you to join me each day during the month to recite these Angel Affirmations to bring more goodness and grace into your life.  

What Makes These Affirmations So Special?

These powerful statements are channeled-messages from the Angels just for you, Dear One. They offer lovely Angelic Guidance to raise your vibration and fill your heart with joy. 

Can you invest one minute a day on yourself to consciously improve your thoughts and your life this month? Perhaps a better question is, can you afford not to? You will be astounded at the difference that comes into your life from reciting these Angel Affirmations. 

An affirmation only needs to feel about 50% true for it to resonate within you, Dear One. By stating an affirmation, you are calling that intention to you using the powerful Law of Attraction. By speaking the affirmation out loud, it becomes even more powerful as you activate your Throat Chakra. 

Affirmations that begin with the words “I am,” are especially powerful.

Whatever follows “I am” statements, becomes your truth. Be vigilant with the statements you think and say about yourself. You want to select empowering statements that improve the energy vibration of your life. For example, if you say, “I am tired. I am sick. I am broke. I am not worthy. I am stuck,” you are calling more of that low energy toward you. 

You can shift those thoughts with more energizing and empowering statements such as, “I am getting the rest I need. I am taking time to replenish myself. I am good with money. I am excited about…”. These slight shifts have positive and transformative effects on the quality of your day and overall life.  

A friend of mine used the Angel Affirmations during the month of June to journal and to list her gratitude daily. I love that idea and may even employ her strategy myself. 

Your invitation is to embrace this exercise of reciting an affirmation each day during the month of April. 

Doing this will help to positively transform your thoughts and your life; for the better. If you are new to the practice of affirmations, welcome. If you are seasoned in this practice, may you be blessed as well, Dear One. 

Let’s profoundly change the trajectory of our thoughts with these affirmations and make the rest of this year transformational with a powerful shift of consciousness benefiting you and the world. There is magic in reciting affirmations out loud and I offer this for you to repeat: “I am a brilliant being. I am a brilliant being. I AM A BRILLIANT BEING.” 

Please join me in reciting, reflecting and pondering the list of 30 Angel Affirmations for April 2020 below. One affirmation for each day of the month of April:

  1. Today, I make time to laugh as I know it is good medicine for me and for others.
  2. I rejoice in the gift of this day, this new opportunity to begin again.
  3. Today, I show others how important they are in my life.
  4. Today, I open my heart just a little wider and allow the goodness and grace flowing to me with a heart full of gratitude.
  5. Today, I make myself a priority, knowing self-care is important and that I am worthy and deserving.
  6. I welcome the gift of this new week, knowing I am loved, supported and protected always.
  7. Today, I find ways to make important connections.
  8. Today, I examine ways I am growing during this season of spring, renewal and rebirth.
  9. Today, I remember to breathe deeply and bless every cell in my body with life-giving oxygen.
  10. Today, I celebrate the gift of friendship or family in my life.
  11. Today, I look for miracles and synchronicity in my life.
  12. Today, I spend time tending to my spirit.
  13. As this new week begins, I stand tall knowing I am safe, protected and supported in all I do.
  14. Today, I tune in and listen to my inner child.  What is she craving?
  15. Today, I get it done and celebrate.
  16. I eat nourishing foods and my body responds with health and vitality.
  17. Today, I take time to dream the dreams of my heart.
  18. Today, I let joy guide my choices.
  19. I use the gift of this day for some much-needed self-care.  I know just what to do.
  20. Today, I do what is important.
  21. Today, I honor those who came before me, paving the way for my success.
  22. Today, I honor the helpers in my life with a heart full of gratitude.
  23. Today, I have the energy to do what I desire.
  24. Today, I enjoy the gift of nature.
  25. Today, I enjoy using my creativity in a fun way.
  26. By indulging in self-care, I give others permission to do the same.  It benefits us all.
  27. Today, I know what needs to happen and I let ease guide me.
  28. Today, I remember we are all connected.
  29. Today, I treat myself extra gently and lovingly.  I am so worth it.
  30. Today, I tap into my inner wisdom and celebrate the gift of my life.

Come meet me at SoulTreat in October at the Art of Living Retreat in Boone, NC and get “drenched in love” at my booth.  Also, I have an inspiring free Facebook Group to uplift your heart.  Come join.  Blessings of love and gratitude for April to all.

– Janette

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