Chaos: Is There A Bigger Picture Unfolding?

We’re in a state of shock at the disruption this pandemic has brought to the entire planet.

We’ve crossed the point of no return, and we’re all experiencing fear to some degree or another. The reality of a sudden, new world is sinking-in, and we’re all doing our best to adjust to a new way of existing.

Like you, I’ve spent a lot of time pondering this pandemic. Because what we’re up against is invisible and organic, it’s impossible to blame any particular group, individual, country, race, religion, political party, etc. None of this seems to make sense.

And, what if it did? What if there is order behind the chaos? Is it possible that a bigger picture is unfolding before our eyes?

Think about it. What did you value last month? What was most important to you last month? What were your worries last month? What were you excited about last month? Now, ask yourself those same questions, only ask them about today. What’s different? When you stop and take inventory, you’ll notice that a lot has shifted and changed in a short period of time when it comes to our outlook on life.

Is it possible that the veil has lifted, allowing us to see more clearly? The masks are off, and people are showing their true colors. Flaws in our systems have been exposed. Some of the leaders we need the most are showing up impotent, while others are stepping up to the plate in surprising ways, we never could have imagined a month ago.

We can’t unsee what’s been revealed. What if this is an opportunity to make changes that better serve the greater good? What if we’re being called to take the mask off and stand authentically and vulnerably in this new way of being?

The whole planet has shifted into a state of chaos, and when you think about it, that’s an important place to be.

Here’s why:             

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Much Love!

– Jennifer

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