30 Angel Affirmations for September 2020

Welcome to Angel Affirmations for September 2020 with WU World Changer Janette Stuart, as she shares another 30 days’ worth of affirmations to help you shift towards a happy, healthy, and positive well-being

Welcome to September, the month we typically “get back to normal” following the long, carefree days of summer. There is nothing “normal” about things these days for sure. The unsteadiness of the past several months has taken an enormous toll on our energy. Continue to be extra gentle with yourselves this month, dear hearts. You may require more rest than usual.

The affirmations this month focus on our inner wisdom, knowing or intuition. Yes, we all have innate inner wisdom. This applies to you, especially if you don’t feel it to be true. Affirmations can help cultivate a more profound sense of relying on our intuition, inner wisdom, and knowing. 

Affirmations can help us all especially during times of uncertainty. Affirmations are wonderful self-care tools that shift our consciousness and raise our vibration. Affirmations are truly transformational. Affirmations can feel like a fresh start, or “clearing the air” by opening not only our doors and windows at home to let in the fresh air but also the proverbial windows of our hearts and minds.

What Is an Affirmation?

They are short, powerful statements used to consciously affect your thoughts in a positive way. We have an estimated 50,000 thoughts a day and most of them are not pretty. Often we are very critical of ourselves and we would never dream of talking to others the way we “speak” to ourselves in our inner dialogue. I invite you to join me each day during the month to recite these Angel Affirmations to bring more goodness and grace into your life.  

An affirmation only needs to feel about 50% true for it to resonate within you, dear one. Affirmations that begin with the words “I am” are especially effective. Whatever follows the “I am” becomes your truth.

During July, the angels are giving many affirmations about self-care, and seeking serenity as a peaceful gift in our lives. 

Be vigilant with the statements you think and say about yourself. You want to select empowering statements that improve the energy vibration of your life. For example, if you say, “I am tired. I am sick. I am broke. I am not worthy. I am stuck,” you are calling more of that low energy toward you.

You can shift those thoughts with more energizing and empowering statements such as “I am getting the rest I need. I am taking time to replenish myself. I have all the supplies I need. I am excited about…”  These slight shifts have a positive, transformative effect on the quality of your day and your life.

Please join me in “celebrating or tapping into our inner wisdom” by reciting, reflecting, and/or pondering the list of 30 Angel Affirmations for September 2020 below. One affirmation for each day in September:

  1. Today, I celebrate the gift of my inner wisdom; the power of all of Creation flows through me.
  2. Today, I appreciate the gift of abundance and know that my every need is met.
  3. Today, I enjoy laughter as a stress reliever, knowing how healing it is for my body, mind, and soul.
  4. Today, I am grateful for the gift of my life.
  5. I open my heart just a little wider and allow my inner knowing to bubble up within me.
  6. Today, I enjoy self-care measures, as I am worthy and deserving.
  7. Today, I enjoy time away from my labors, if only for a moment.
  8. Today, I create ways to cultivate more intuition in my life. I have a deep inner knowing. 
  9. Today, I enjoy getting still or meditating as it brings clarity to me.
  10. I invite ease into my day and use it as a compass for decision making.
  11. I remember that I am loved, supported, and protected always.
  12. Today, I remember to breathe deeply and bless every cell in my body with life-giving oxygen.
  13. Today, I celebrate the gift of elders in my life.
  14. Today, I am on the lookout for miracles and synchronicity around every corner.
  15. Today, I listen to my inner child. What is my inner child craving?
  16. Today, I trust that all is well.
  17. Today, I envision the dreams of my heart. I know just what to do.
  18. I allow myself time to connect with my inner wisdom; the Divine flows through me always.
  19. I celebrate the glorious gift of my life and the circle of loved ones, including beloved pets with me now, or who have transitioned.
  20. Today, I seek peace and serenity by tending to my spirit.
  21. Today, I radiate peace.
  22. Today, I honor the change of season. I release what no longer serves me easily. I look to nature as my example.
  23. Today, I honor the many teachers in my life.
  24. I take time to notice the wonder and beauty of nature during my busy day.
  25. I look to nature as a healing balm, which includes pets, plants, and animals.
  26. I move my body with a sense of love and gratitude.
  27. I take time to indulge in self-care, which protects my peace of mind.
  28. As this new week begins, I remember I am safe, protected, and supported in all I do.
  29. Today, I use my inner wisdom while getting it done.
  30. Today, I celebrate life by letting my inner knowing guide my choices.

Want to learn more about affirmations and their power? I wrote a chapter about Affirmations: Stepping Into Your Power Using Positivity in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 2, published in July.  It’s already a #1 Amazon International Best Seller in Holistic Medicine in Canada. I also despite pancreatic cancer to give others some much-needed hope.

– Janette

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