Clearing the Effects of Intergenerational Trauma

We come into this life with both the gifts and the burdens of our ancestors. The effects of intergenerational trauma live in our DNA epigenetically.

We are born with the residue of such events, and we feel it energetically. We can feel it in the body, mind, and spirit, although sometimes it is so subtle that we may be unaware of it. It may feel like a general heaviness in the body, perhaps at the shoulders as if we are carrying some invisible load. It may feel like a constant undercurrent of tension, yet we cannot put our finger directly on, yet it is a definite presence in our life. It may feel as if we are surrounded by some dark cloud of negative energy, yet we don’t know where it came from. Whether we are consciously aware of the effects of transgenerational trauma, these effects may still play a powerful role in our lives.

Ancestral Clearing is a modality that can help release such residue from the body, mind, and spirit.

It is experiential in nature, so it is hard to describe precisely what it is and how it feels. It’s like using words to describe the experience of eating ice cream or what it’s like to ride a bicycle. We can try to paint the experience with words, yet it is the experience itself that reveals the power of the activity. So, it is with Ancestral Clearing.

Meanwhile, here’s a prayer that you may find helpful:

Higher Power, Creator, Holy Father, Great Spirit, Divine Mother, Infinite One, Oneness, You are known by so many names, yet You are One. We ask humbly and gratefully, for us and all our ancestors, and all their relations through all space, time, dimension, and realms.

For all sickness and the ensuing grief and suffering, for the times we stood powerless and unable to help ease the pain of our loved ones, for survivor’s guilt in plagues and pandemics that swept through our lives and our communities, please help us all to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves. Please and Thank You.

For misunderstandings, disputes, arguments, fights that broke out, and resultant injuries, whether intentional or unintentional, and for all the guilt anyone carried because of it. For every raid, assault, incursion, battle, war, and holocaust. For all the angst, the betrayals, the fierce anger, and any guilt we felt because of these actions or guilt that others felt because of our actions. For all unresolved resentment, enduring aversions, loathing, or outright hate that erupted and continued unrelentingly intergenerationally, please help us to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves. Once and for all, for all of it, no matter what it was. Please and Thank You.

For all secrets, hidden pacts, and for the times we were sworn to silence under duress. For any abuse, slavery, torture, or any other injustice and all that arose in the lineage because of these events, including physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illness, please help us all to forgive each other and to forgive ourselves. Please and Thank You.

Please help us release each other and release ourselves, find peace with one another, and peace with ourselves. For once and for all, now and forever.

Please and Thank You.

Please and Thank You.

Please and Thank You.


If you are interested in finding a way to ease the effects of past patterns, consider a private session. I am offering sessions on a donation basis only right now due to the COVID situation. I feel the work is so helpful and so needed right now with all that is going on in the world, that I do not want to limit its access by the charge for the service. You can hit me up here if you want to book a session.

– Elizabeth

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