31 Affirmations for July 2020

31 Affirmations for July 2020 by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #AffirmationsForJuly2020

Welcome, everyone! July is a month marked by enjoying travel, nature, independence, and ease from the everyday. Embrace the longer light-filled days and being outdoors more. Use these affirmations for reflection, energy, and inspiration as you move through this month.

Let’s celebrate July all month with these uplifting and inspiring 31 affirmations for July 2020:

  1. I celebrate the newness of this month and what is yet to be
  2. Today I am stronger than yesterday
  3. Today I choose to spread joy and peace
  4. I enjoy my independence and freedom today. I accept this gift from the bravery of those who fought for freedom
  5. I am radiant and resilient
  6. I feed my body with positive vibrant energy
  7. Today, I will celebrate who I am and all that I am becoming
  8. I am alive in all that is possible and in control of choosing with love and care
  9. I am not defined by life events. These are a means to get my attention, so I continue to learn and grow
  10. I choose to move with intention. This gives me amazing balance and flow
  11. My life is a gift to others and a journey unfolding each and every day
  12. I love my life and appreciate that every day no matter how easy or challenging is an opportunity for me to grow and shine my light
  13. I am strong, capable, caring, and determined
  14. I choose to see life-learning in the most ordinary and extraordinary life situations
  15. Today is my day to shine and share my self-love by giving love
  16. I choose to cover myself in a blanket of peace from the depth of my soul through the smile on my face
  17. Hello! I am ready and waiting for all that is yet to come today
  18. I matter and make time today to nurture my spirit
  19. Authenticity is my life banner and each day I choose to live aligned with who I am from the inside out
  20. My spirited energy is powerful and light
  21. I accept the invitation from my creator to hop on the “joy” bus and ride fully into my life
  22. I make time daily to nurture my body, mind, and spirit
  23. I’m a work in progress and learn something new every day
  24. I take good care of my body because I love myself abundantly
  25. Everything is working for me just as it’s meant to
  26. Today is another day for me to receive wisdom while passing along my wisdom to others
  27. I’m making time to simply be me in the glory of this summer day
  28. I choose to define my essence by what lies deep beneath the surface of my skin. Love is found here in this place
  29. I embrace all new learning and powerful growth. From here I emerge both strong and at ease
  30. My love for myself shines the light for others to come into their own place within
  31. Thank you, July for providing me with heat, light, laughter, energy, and insightful memories of what has come to pass during this month and season

Be the light that shines with these affirmations and share them with everyone you know. Which ones resonated with you? Please share your favorites in the comments section below!

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