31 Affirmations for March 2020

31 Affirmations for March 2020 by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #AffirmationsForMarch2020

Spring adds new life and beauty to all that is.  

– Jessica Harrelson

As we enter into Spring, the season of renewal, use these beautiful affirmations to uplift, renew, and empower you on your path as you move into this season of growth.

Here Are 31 Affirmations for March 2020:

  1. I awaken to the radiant light in me at the start of this high energy month
  2. I am moving from the sacred rest and renewal of Winter today and I stand ready for all that is positively moving in me
  3. Everything that was in rest and renewal is charged and I am ready
  4. Today is my power day
  5. I am confident and self-assured in all that I do
  6. My physical and emotional wellbeing is my top priority
  7. I have all that I need today to do, to be and to become
  8. I take the positive actions I feel called to take today
  9. I’m awake and aware of all that I’m in the process of becoming
  10. I allow time and space for fun and creativity today
  11. My body is attuned to what I need to live abundantly
  12. I’m beautiful just the way I am
  13. I am grateful for the life I have and will share this with everyone today
  14. I am open to abundance in all aspects of my life
  15. I savor the sweet moments and not so sweet as gifts for me to grow into and share with others in my life
  16. I’m a force of light and power
  17. Gratitude and peace are within me at all times today
  18. Peace + ease = who I am today in all situations and circumstances
  19. I feel the change coming with Spring Solstice energy and I energetically welcome this
  20. Spring has officially sprung forth today. I invite this beautiful divine energy into my life going forward through 2020
  21. I open up to the divine, life-affirming energy of Spring
  22. I open up to the blessing of abundant prosperity in all aspects of my life
  23. I am the change I want to see in the world and people recognize this with admiration
  24. I’m sowing seeds in the fertile soil of my being and I look forward to my abundant life harvest to follow
  25. Being positive and staying focused on what I’m meant to learn today empowers my every step
  26. Today I breathe in calm, peace, and ease. This essence carries me through the day and week
  27. My attitude is proactively attuned to the energy of Spring and I’m ready to take on the day
  28. I’m light as a feather; I’m soaring at my own pace and enjoying this
  29. My life and who I am is a gift to others
  30. I have within me never-ending happiness, sunshine, and love
  31. “March” you have magnificently moved me into my personal power force field. I’m alive in this energy of abundant growth today and blooming forward into the coming months

Which affirmation for March 2020 made you smile? Share your favorite(s) in the comments section below!

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