31 Angel Affirmations for October 2023

Can you smell the scent of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger in the air? Hello October, and Happy Fall. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the trees are losing their leaves, a coolness to the air, and a scurrying about in preparation for winter.

This month our angel affirmations will encourage us to trust, let go, and feel supported. We are multi-faceted beings made up of body, mind, and spirit, and we are enough just as we are.

Reciting affirmations can benefit us tremendously.

What is an affirmation?

It is a short, powerful statement used to raise our vibration consciously. We have an estimated 50,000 thoughts daily, most of which are not pretty. Often, we are pretty critical of ourselves. We would never dream of talking to another the way we “speak” to ourselves in our inner dialogue.

I invite you to join me daily to recite these angel affirmations to bring more goodness and grace into our lives.

An affirmation only needs to feel about 50% true for it to resonate with you. Affirmations that begin with the words “I am” are incredibly powerful, and whatever follows the “I am” becomes your truth.

Be vigilant with the thoughts you think and say about yourself. You want to select empowering statements that improve the energy vibration of your life. For example, if you say, “I am tired. I am sick. I am broke. I am not worthy. I am stuck,” you call more of that low energy toward you.

You can shift those thoughts with affirmations.

This month, we will focus on celebrating fall, trusting, surrendering, and letting go, by reciting, reflecting, or pondering the affirmations below.

  1. I enjoy nature as a self-care prescription.
  2. Today, I trust the process and know that my needs will be met.
  3. I look for the good throughout my day.
  4. Today, I trust that I am enough, just as I am.
  5. I open my heart just a little wider and easily allow more goodness and grace inside.
  6. Today, I let go and Let God.
  7. Today, I enjoy something that brings me joy.
  8. I prioritize self-care because I am worthy and deserving.
  9. I remember that I am loved, supported, and protected every step of the way.
  10. I remember to drench myself in love. I am a beloved child of the Divine.
  11. I enjoy being creative.
  12. I remember to breathe deeply, which blesses every cell of my body with life-giving oxygen.
  13. I trust that The Universe has my back.
  14. I trust in the process that I am exactly where I need to be.
  15. I honor my inner child as an act of self-care.
  16. I seek peace and serenity by tending to my spirit during my busy day.
  17. I trust my inner wisdom and listen to my heart.
  18. I enjoy a bit of fun during my busy day. I remember laughter is a beautiful gift.
  19. Today, I consider releasing a heavy burden.
  20. I honor the Divinity in my life.
  21. I take time to notice the wonder of nature during my busy day.
  22. I look to nature as a healing balm for body, mind, and spirit.
  23. I weather the storms in life by trusting in faith, that I can bend without breaking.
  24. I honor my body with loving movement, nourishing foods, and beverages.
  25. I celebrate a recent accomplishment because I am worth it.
  26. Today, I seek peaceful solutions in all situations.
  27. I choose to eat nourishing foods that fuel my precious body. My vitality soars.
  28. I celebrate life by letting my heart guide the way.
  29. I take time for the dreams and desires of my heart which is excellent self-care.
  30. Today, I remember that there is always hope.
  31. I allow my inner child to flourish as I remember that life is meant to be a joy.

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