A 4-Step Guide for Tapping into Your Intuition

A 4-Step Guide for Tapping into Your Intuition by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #YourIntuition
A 4-Step Guide for Tapping into Your Intuition by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #YourIntuition
Your intuition speaks in feelings.

Going within to get the clarity you crave starts with practicing how to feel. And since feeling is healing, connecting with your intuition will be a gift that’ll serve you forever. Here’s how to start learning the language that’s about living a life doing what you were born for.

I remember early on in my physical therapy career, my sister and I were discussing the meaning of life. She, also a healer, is into all the spiritual stuff I am, and our conversations always end up being deep, satisfying and enlightening. This time she’d read a book she wanted to share. “We give life it’s meaning,” she said. “Instead of living thinking you have to find the meaning of life, we need to realize we define it for ourselves.”

Shit, I thought, I have no excuses then. My dreams of becoming a successful healer and author were real, and now they had some momentum – all because I was giving myself permission to go after what I really wanted, rather than something I thought I was supposed to do. But how will I know for sure? I wondered.

Everyone wants certainty; to know what they’re doing is their true purpose.

But how do we know for sure? We feel it. The problem here is I’m a part of a generation who was taught not to feel; To stuff, numb and distract me from emotion and feeling. To be a big girl and not cry. To “brush it off.” I was taught what I felt didn’t really matter if someone else thought I was wrong, bad or inappropriate. I learned to trust other people, not my own intuition, about pretty much everything. I learned to learn the rules, and follow them at all cost. I didn’t know about my inner guide, or that I really should trust her above everyone else, until one of my coaches helped me tap into the little exercise I’m about to show you.

Intuition is how we know something is right or good for us.

It’s how we make important decisions. It’s how we keep ourselves aligned with our soul, purpose, mission, and calling in the world.

So how about you? Do you have an intuition? (That’s a trick question, of course, you do). Do you know how to connect with it? Do you speak her/his language? First of all, this is way easier than you think. If you, like me (for a while) thought that only special people with super-psychic powers had intuition, then get ready to learn something that will surprise and delight you as well as serve you forever.

I’m going to guide you through a 4-Step exercise to help you tap into your intuition. Grab a pen, notebook and a timer and begin your first lesson in the language of your soul, your intuition.

A 4-Step Guide for Tapping into Your Intuition:

  1. Practice feeling.

Pick a comfy spot. Relax. Clear your mind and begin breathing deeply, connecting with your body and any sensations you notice. Release, soften and let go deeper with every exhale. What do you feel? Be curious and give yourself permission to feel everything. Unclench everything from your head to your toes. Make space around anything that feels tight, sore or restricted. Set your timer for 5 minutes, grab your notebook and pen and fill in the blank:  “I feel __________.” Don’t censor your writing. Write without stopping until the timer goes off. No rules. Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling or grammar.

  1. Describe what “No” feels like.

Now, I want you to think of something that’s really difficult for you. A circumstance, person, thing, situation. Tap into your body awareness and start to feel that in your body. What does that feel like? Grab your notebook and describe what feels like a “No!” to you. Write until you can’t think of anything more.

  1. Imagine Love.

Next, you’re going to imagine something you love. Either something you love to do, or a way you love to feel. Close your eyes and imagine feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling or tasting it. How does that feel in your body? Grab your notebook and pen and describe what feels like a “Yes!” to you.

  1. Tap into Your Intuition.

Now take a look at the two lists you’ve made. One is describing the “No!” and one is describing the “Yes!” The next time you’re faced with a situation you’re trying to make a decision on, figure out what list it fits into. Is your situation a yes, or a no, according to how your body feels? You’ve now tapped into the most important piece of your intuition; how something feels in your body.

Maybe this process seems too simple. Or you’re thinking, there must be more to this! But in reality, your intuition is speaking to you with these kinds of messages all day long. You just either haven’t been paying attention, or your inner critic voice is so loud, it’s talking you right out of what you already know.

These 4 steps will start getting you into the practice of listening.

Pay attention to the times you say “yes,” to people when you really mean no. When you go against the messages of your intuition, there’s usually a price to pay. Think unhappiness, resentment, pain.

What if I just don’t know how something feels, you’re wondering? One secret part of the language of your intuition is when there’s a fair amount of confusion about something, it feels like it’s in a grey area, or you can’t make up your mind…that’s usually a no. Think about the feeling of confusion for a moment. It’s not good.

I’ll leave you to do a little practice now. Hit me up in the comments section below if you have questions about a certain scenario or you have more tips for others on this journey!

– Laura

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