5 Life Changing Benefits of Letting Go

5 Benefits of Letting Go and 7 Tips to Support You.

Stress. Pressure. Fears. False beliefs. What do all of these serve? They cloud our judgement, create mental, emotional and physical pain and even worse, ruin our lives.

But yet, we find it so hard to just LET GO!

We are creatures of habit and sometimes a familiar feeling or action is seemingly easier to hang onto than to release it, fearing what might take its place will be even worse.

Why should we trust, let go and release what doesn’t serve us?

5 ways letting go will lead to a more fulfilling, joy and peace-filled life:

  1. Gain confidence. When you let go of the things you hide behind, you will see how much your worth really is. It’s not about your looks, your possessions and your pride. It’s about who you are, your beliefs and how you treat people. Once you let go of being judged, you will allow confidence in it’s purest form to take up that space.
  2. Gain health, physically. Let go of stress and trying to be perfect, to feel better. You cannot do it all! No one is Super Woman or Super Man. You are leading yourself down a road of physical dis-ease by trying to be the perfectionist, do-it-all wonder woman or man. Everything over time will manifest physically, good or bad. To feel healthy and vibrant, balance is key. Releasing the need to do it all and be perfect is essential to have a stress-free and physically healthy life.
  3. Enjoy life more by making you a priority. When you let go of the thinking that ‘everyone and everything else is more important than me’, learn how to say \’no\’, and give yourself permission to love and pamper yourself, you gift yourself with more time allowing more peace and joy in. Maybe you will find time to take a class you always wanted to, see a friend you haven’t in some time, etc.
  4. Tranquility and calm enter when you let go of time. We want it, need it, have to have it, done, said, closed, etc. NOW. Letting go of the expectations we set on ourselves (and others) for what we need by when we need it, reduces anxiety, tension and stress. Allowing things to unfold in divine timing requires the releasing of beliefs surrounding how much time something should take.
  5. Peace to just Be. Releasing harmful, negative self-beliefs is one of the toughest things to do. Undermining and self-sabotage is Rule #1 in the playbook for ‘1 Million Ways to be Totally Unhappy and Unsuccessful’. What do you believe about yourself that is your own dark little secret? Yet you really know that it’s only your belief and not reality. These negative, self-sabotaging thoughts are the most difficult to reverse or pull from our psyche as we have believed them all our lives. To get rid of that one (or more) plaguing false belief, think of the peace you would experience.

What you can do to facilitate the \’letting go\’ process, have a sustained outcome and enjoy life:

  • Take up a hobby. Expressing yourself through being creative helps new ideas, relationships, and self-worth to blossom.
  • Surround yourself with a positive and encouraging circle of friends.
  • Whatever it is you feel weak in, research and educate yourself in. The internet is full of ideas and knowledge.
  • Make healthy choices. The better we take care of ourselves, the better we function and release what no longer serves us.
  • Be aware of your inner dialogue. When you find yourself giving yourself grief or talking down to yourself in your head, stop, take a deep breath in and out and remind yourself that you are doing your best the best way you know how.
  • Take up a spiritual practice. The deeper you go within, the more understanding you will have about why you are holding onto what you are holding onto. Diving deep will crack open self-discovery and allow the purging necessary for letting go.
  • As the Founder of The Wellness Universe, I invite you to join me in this meditation. It’s free and a safe space to join in the collective consciousness where everyone there is seeking healing.

Letting go is not easy and many spend their whole lives living in the in-between of joy, peace and love because of what blocks these wonderful, positive, life-bearing emotions are stonewalled by baggage.

You can only benefit from releasing what doesn’t serve you. For you and those you love, you will be happier and healthier for it.

Have a joy filled day!


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