5 Daily Practices for a Healthy Mind

5 Daily Practices for a Healthy Mind by Anaiis Salles #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HealthyMind
First off, what is a healthy mind?

When “The Wellness Universe” reached out for a blog post on 5 daily practices for a health mind, I thought, well, ‘that’s an interesting question!’ How would you answer it? How do you keep your mind from steam-rolling you into a pit of frustrating emotions? A healthy mind knows that the best life offers comes through yielding to our heart’s wisdom. A healthy mind is relaxed and being open to what I call the third way, by-passing the stressful mind vice of being limited to choice A or Choice B.

I recommend using the following 5 Daily Practices for a Healthy Mind.

This is probably not going to be new information for you; however, being reminded that these 5 simple daily practices are super-­duper internal, emotional hygiene? Well, this can lead to that wonderful feeling you feel leaving your dentist’s office with a squeaky-clean check up!

These 5 daily practices for a healthy mind lead to another perk; better quality sleep. Try being mindful of these practices daily for one month and notice the quality of your sleep and complexion improving!

  1. Practice Presence

We’re being present to ourselves and the people most important to us when we live in the now. Living in the ‘now’ is the hardest thing to ‘accomplish’ in modern culture but it’s the simplest thing to allow into our lives. We practice presence when we notice that our thoughts moving too far into the future or too far into the past. Then we just take a breath and ask ourselves what is happening now?

When we practice presence the ‘now’ reminds us of what we’ve learned in the past and we are reassured of being able to choose to apply what we’ve learned and know from experience. This is fabulous for maintaining a healthy mind because your mind is free to attend to vital information and choice-making in real time.

  1. Listen to Your Body

Our everyday conscious awareness can only interpret and interact with 4% of the information we process consciously. Our subconscious minds have access to the other 96% comprising the sea of information in which we swim.

When we listen to our bodies, we access more of that 96% of information. This contributes to having a healthy mind because we can make choices from a more grounded and heart connected space. For example, choosing what to eat. When we listen to our bodies with loving attention, we’re drawn to foods that nourish, sustain us, and bring pleasure, too. Sometimes this is a green smoothie. Sometimes this is chocolate ice cream.

  1. Cultivate a Playful Imagination

Remember playing dress-up? Ever make mud pies? Or jumped into the personas of Greek gods, Wonder Woman, or Superman? How about the time you created a character from within your own imagination? Ever play mermaid in a bathtub?

Cultivating a playful imagination is essential to enjoying a healthy mind. Slipping into playful imagination opens up a world of discovery about all of our relationships! The minute we stop taking ourselves so seriously, we open the mysterious and magical gateway, experiencing the joy of not knowing what’s going to happen next.

And, frankly? Not caring what happens next for just a little while is a vacation for the over-worked mind. Playful imaginations solve problems and challenges that our minds can mull over ineffectively, and that’s stressful.  Stress and a healthy mind are strangers to one another.

Our playful imaginations entice us into the great unknown, the place where amazing surprises and synchronicities are born.

  1. Seek to Understand

Seeking to understand rather than being understood unclogs our emotional pores! Unclogged emotional pores lead to insight, compassion, and to light-­hearted forgiveness of those pesky, daily miscommunications between ourselves and — whoever. When we seek to understand, we’re letting the Universe know we’re responsible for our intentions and our mistakes. The Universe gives back to us; greater clarity, focus, and sense of personal freedom. We look better, we feel better, and we love better. Ask yourself if it feels better to be right or if it feels better to be loving?

  1. Don’t Worry About What Others Think of You

What other people think of you really is none of your business. Another person’s thoughts about you are highly likely to be tainted by psychological projection. Do pay attention to what someone says directly to you. That is your business. When a person speaks directly to you about an interaction, they are risking being wrong about what they think. This indicates a mind open to discovering who you actually are rather than having an imaginary relationship with the person they think you are or believe you “should” be.

– Anaiis

Original Source to this Article – With many thanks to Anaiis Salles


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