5 Fascinating Facts about Angels

I love to talk about Angels and spend time in their loving presence.

Following a 36-year full-time career in finance and human resources, I now have a business where I am blessed to work with Angels and bask in their loving companionship in service to others.

Here are 5 Fascinating Facts about Angels which may surprise you.

  1. We all have at least two Guardian Angels our entire life; (whether we believe in them or not).
  2. Angels are pure, unconditional love and you must call on them for their assistance.
  3. There are four different ways we sense the Angels’ presence.
  4. There is an Angel hierarchy.
  5. You too can have a relationship with Angels.

First, we each have at least two Guardian Angels who have loved us since before we were born.

They adore us. It is their sole function and their joy to accompany us in this adventure we call life. They are with us constantly and just a breath away. They are with us whether or not we believe in their existence, or sense their presence. Another fascinating fact is that all of the major religious texts mention Angels.

Second, Angels are pure, unconditional love and the name Angel means “God’s Messenger.”

They are Beings of Love and Light sent to us directly from The Divine. Since we are born with free will and have dominion over our lives, we need to ask for the Angels’ assistance and it is freely given. Sometimes the Angels’ response or timing may look different than we anticipate, yet know that your requests are always answered in Divine timing and order.

Third, there are four ways we sense the Angels’ presence.

  • Clairsentience

This is feeling the presence of the Angels nearby. It can be a tingling sensation such as goosebumps or as I like to call them “angel bumps.” You may sense motion at your crown chakra. You may also feel a change in temperature such as a coolness or a warming up of your body when the Angels are near.

  • Clairaudience

This is hearing the presence of the Angels. This can be a literal hearing of their voices, catching a snippet of conversation where you “know” it was a divine source, or hearing music that brings a sense of angelic goodness and grace. It can also be a buzzing, high-pitched sound, or vibration in the ear of the clairaudient individual, when Angels are noticed.

  • Clairvoyance

This is seeing the presence of Angels. This can be a literal sight of the Angels or “seeing” their presence using your third eye chakra. The Angels also leave us signs such as feathers, butterflies, birds, dragonflies, or other significant items to get our attention.

  • Claircognisance

This is an inner knowing that Angels are with us. This is a “gut instinct,” an “inkling,” or “nudge” of Angels’ presence. People say things such as, “I just knew the Angels were with me,” and use this way of noticing the Angels’ proximity.

Fourth, there is a hierarchy in the angelic realm as well.

  • Angels

It is said every time God has a thought, a new angel is created and that there are more Angels than the stars in the night sky.

  • Guardian Angels

We each have at least two who are with us our entire life.

  • Archangels

There are 16 major ones; I’ll mention three for brevity. Archangel Michael is chief in charge of the Angels and his name means “He who is like God.” The color associated with Archangel Michael is royal blue. Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of annunciation, of “Behold, I bring you good tidings of Great Joy,” fame and is a great Archangel to pair with authors, writers, and speakers who want to craft clear messages. The color associated with Archangel Gabriel is copper. Archangel Raphael is the healing Angel. The color associated with Archangel Raphael is emerald green.

Fifth, you too can have a relationship with your Angels and the Archangels.

You don’t have to be saintly or “good enough,” in character. The Angels are at our beck-and-call and available 24/7/365. You only need to ask for their assistance, allow it and it is given. They are with you always and in all ways. You are never alone.

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