5 Ideas to Increase Business via Live Video Classes

A simple idea can shift everything. Considering live video classes, support groups, interview series, workshops or webinars? You should.

As a business owner, solopreneur or entrepreneur, we experience highs, lows and rollercoaster rides.

What should we put our money, time and heart into?

What is the next big thing that is in alignment with us and how can we use it to add to or create a thriving business? What do I feel confident doing, can sustain me, position me as an expert and allow me to gain visibility? So many choices out there from creating courses to in-person workshops, all that take oodles of energy, dedication and savvy to conceptualize and create. With little to no out-of-pocket expenses, hosting live classes are a very doable option and addition to your offering.

I love what I do! And I hope you do too.

As the Founder of The Wellness Universe, one of the great joys I get to live everyday is helping WU World-Changers find new avenues to express themselves, gain a loyal following and shine a light on their expertise. I love giving the opportunity to create more influence to those who are making the world a better place.

One of the most popular ways of getting people to know you is through video. Before you shut me down completely because you may say, “I don\’t like to do videos” or “I don\’t know how to make videos”, please hear me out.

Creating videos, or vlogging, giving tips and valuable content in which you upload to YouTube or another channel is a very important way to help people get to know you.

The written word (blogging, books, ebooks, etc.) is really great and allows a reader to connect with you and is easily searchable content on Google.

However, video content allows a more intimate way to connect with your desired audience. People get to feel like you are a \’trusted friend\’ when they watch you on video. You cross the threshold of know, love and trust easier via video. Once you cross this threshold, taking the relationship to the next level by gaining a new follower or client skyrockets. Exciting stuff!

Where is your business going in 2018? How are you sharing yourself?

I strongly suggest you consider creating videos to add to your content arsenal to spread your message. If you already create videos, great! You are on the ball.

Comfortable with videos? How about hosting a class online?

Another way to connect and even earn revenue is to host live classes via The Lounge, The Wellness Universe\’s learning platform. More than a webinar platform, The Lounge is a Learning Platform.

Here are some great ideas to help you share your expertise and turn it into evergreen content via recording it.

5 ideas to help you think outside of the \’webinar\’ box:

  1. Classes – Create 1 to multiple classes and offer instruction or lectures. Create a presentation and upload the PDF with links in your presentation to support the learning process (attendees can click links during the live class!).
  2. Workshops – Interactive workshops online are great! If you have a following globally, this offers a convenient way for everyone to join you live!
  3. Support Groups & Masterminds – Host virtual support groups or masterminds.
  4. Interview Series – Create your own show and interview people or panels! You can have up to 5000 attend your live broadcast!
  5. Webinars – Information about your product or service with freebies and offers are always a great way to grow your users, email list, following and business.

These are just a few ideas. I make it SO EASY for you!

Let\’s meet on Tuesday November 14th live and introduce you to The Lounge. Get a first hand walk through, training and super informative free presentation on creating the 5 ideas I just shared and much more.

From concept, to planning, to production and marketing, I want to empower you with tools to make the most of the video class platform that everyone is clamoring about, The Lounge.

Sign up for the live training class here.  It\’s free and you will walk away inspired, empowered and with clear direction to create your own Classes, Workshops, Support & Mastermind Groups, Shows and Webinars.

Everything I will teach you, including time and money saving marketing tips will help you in so many other areas as well!

Did I mention being an Instructor at The Lounge is a free benefit of being a WU World-Changer? Yea, it\’s pretty awesome!

Wishing you great success and I hope to have gotten your creative juices flowing.

Be well!