5 Empowering Phrases to Promote Positive Thinking

5 Empowering Phrases to Promote Positive Thinking by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Positive #Empowerment #PositiveThinking

Positive thinking has the ability to improve your health, financial situation, relationships and pretty much any other aspect of your life.

The practice of staring your day with affirmations, empowering phrases, or moments of gratitude has taken off in recent years almost to the point of becoming “trendy.”

Luckily, it’s not tough to find a scientific study that proves the truth behind this trendy mind trick.

The reason it works so well, simply put, is because simple, action-based phrases are the language of your brain. Your brain responds best to what is happening now. It’s constantly looking for clues and words and actions to fill in what is happening around you and how you should respond to your environment. If you intentionally create that message for your brain, it accepts it as fact.

Negative or positive, what you say is what your brain will process.

Additionally, your brain is a creature of habit. If you repeat something over and over, your brain starts to recognize it as normal. Just like driving past the same store each day, riding your bike, or tying your shoes, it won’t be long before your brain goes into auto-pilot mode thinking positive, empowering thoughts without your prompting.

Whether you’re looking to add positive thinking to your daily schedule, or just curious about the practice, there are empowering things you can say to set you on the right path.

Here Are 5 Empowering Phrases to Promote Positive Thinking:

  1. “I am adventurous. I overcome fears by following my dreams.”

This is a statement of energy, excitement, and action. It invokes positivity and the feeling of moving forward in a very decisive way.

  1. “I am in charge of how I feel, and I choose happiness.”

This statement gives you the feeling of being in total control, of being calm, and feeling content. It brings peace in an active, powerful way.

  1. “I let go of all that no longer serves me.”

This decisive phrase gives you permission to let go of the past and of everything that has been tying you down emotionally.

  1. “My positive attitude, confidence, and hard work draw in new opportunities.”

Again, the powerful active statement makes you believe that the future is full of opportunity, energy, and life.

  1. “Everyone sees how much joy I have for life.”

This statement is perfect for anyone who is in place of serving others. Recognizing that your positive energy impacts the rest of the world is an incredible thing.

You can develop your own phrases for relationship goals, career goals, and health goals. You can develop phrases in order to increase life balance or decrease anxiety. You can develop phrases to encourage body positivity, patience, and self-healing.

As you create the empowering phrases that best serve you, keep the following 3 things in mind:

  • Always speak in present tense.
  • Always phrase your statement as a fact.
  • Only include positive words.
  • Repeat it often! Start with 3-5 minutes 3x a day, every day.

Are there any phrases that you have found to be incredibly helpful or motivational? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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