5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Getting Organized

It’s that time of year again, the time to spring clean; a moment to take a step back and evaluate your environment to better enrich the space around you. If you’re having trouble feeling the spring-cleaning vibes, shared below are a few ideas to help you get organized and set yourself up for success.

Here Are 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Getting Organized:

  1. Start with the little spaces

If organizing or decluttering gives you a headache or you’re feeling a bit of resistance to making any changes, then start with the little spaces in your world.

For instance, clean out your wallet of old receipts and make a pile of any unused gift cards that you’ve been saving onto, with the intention of using them in the next 30 days.

  • If you need any of those receipts for returns, attach them directly to the items you need to send back and place them by your front door or directly in your car.
  • If you need any of those receipts for business purposes, make an organized stack and paper clip them together before placing them in a folder or a drawer that you use for your bookkeeping and accounting.

This little act of spring cleaning is a great way to get started and show yourself that it’s easy to get started and finish. From there, move out into other areas of your space to keep the spring-cleaning ball rolling.

  1. Do it in categories

Choosing to organize by categories is an effective approach to spring cleaning because it helps your mind stay focused on one task and gives you the reward of finishing each one.

Instead of jumping into your entire house, room by room where you’d need to make bigger messes or piles in order to shift it all around, pick one category of your belongings and stick with it until you’re done.

It’s often easiest to start with your clothes and then circle out from there into your bathrooms, living spaces, and of course, closets. The best way to spring clean is to see everything that you’re working with all at once and then organizing from there. No matter what category you choose to do first, stick with it and don’t deviate until you’ve completed it.

How detailed you get with those categories is up to you – if you find that one day you just want to tackle clothes and then the next focus on books before you go into your kitchen, it’s entirely up to you. You will that it’s easy to make steady progress with this approach and will reduce feeling overwhelmed or anxious in the process.

Carefully look through and pick up everything you own, one at a time and then set aside what you’re keeping v. What you’re not into two piles. From there, you can easily put back what you’d like to keep and place the rest in a box or bag that will go by your front door or right in the car.

  1. Set a realistic goal

It may not be practical to hold yourself to the expectation that everything you own will be organized and decluttered in one weekend. Depending on the belongings in your space, it may be better to give yourself breaks in between categories so that you can emotionally and physically rest in between.

Decluttering can sometimes bring up a lot of emotions, so be nice to yourself and create a specific intention of things to complete with your schedule. Whether you want to spend 30 minutes every night or get it all done in two or three big weekends in one month, setting a realistic deadline will set yourself up for success.

  1. Be nice to yourself

As mentioned earlier, the process of spring cleaning can sometimes create an emotional roller coaster since the things we own can trigger certain memories, feelings or mindsets.

If you find yourself experiencing a rush of emotions when you’re going through your spring cleaning, remember that it’s perfectly normal and a part of the process. When you physically clean out your space, you’re also decluttering your emotional space as well.

Do your best to get enough sleep, drink water and eat foods that you know will give you energy and good nutrition. If you need a break between categories, take the time to breathe but set a date for when you intend to pick spring cleaning back up.

  1. Have a celebration planned at the beginning

The best way to accomplish any task is to have the reward already planned out before you start. That way if things get tough or you feel yourself starting to wane in commitment, you’ll have the reminder of what you’ll receive at the end of your spring cleaning.

Your celebration can be anything you want it to be! Whether that’s taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant, doing some mani-pedi self-care or quietly enjoying your space and the new energy you’ve created. The reward will stay in the back of your mind and can serve as a motivator to stay in the right mindset as you dive into spring cleaning.

Wrapping it up…

How you approach your spring cleaning will help you follow through on your plan and get everything done you want to. By starting small, sticking to categories and setting a realistic pace, you’ll be fully organized and finished before you know it.

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