5 Tips to Boost Your Business Profits

5 Tips to Boost Your Business Profits by Lisa Mininni #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Profits
Every business needs certain tasks to be completed related to marketing, accounting, and customer service.

However, as a business owner, these tasks can bog you down. Outsourcing saves you time to focus on the strategies to scale your business and boost your profits. Think of how much revenue you’re losing by doing some of the work yourself. Your busy work keeps you from executing strategies.

The good news is that you might be five easy steps away from boosting up your profits this year. Every business owner should do this exercise every year to explore opportunities to further leverage themselves and their business.
  1. Make a list of all of your non-revenue generating activities.

Assign an estimated time it takes to complete each task. Then, identify how much time it takes to perform these tasks. Remember, identify tasks that are not generating income or clients and consolidate into just one hour of work each week. You’ll be amazed how this one exercise saves you four hours a month!

  1. Be clear on what you need.

Before you hire someone, identify their responsibilities, timelines, and expectations. Your vendor or person you hire will want to know what is expected of them and you’ll need to be clear on the outcomes. You might also be able to automate those tasks by using an app or free open source software.

  1. Identify your resources.

Help is closer than you think! Let your circle of friends know the kind of assistance you need. Tap into your local community, retirement centers, volunteers, college intern, place of worship, referral, or at-home parent looking for additional work while the children are at school.

  1. Always check references. 

Contact at least two past supervisors. Better yet, get referrals from someone who personally has worked with someone you intend to hire. You may need to provide passwords to them to complete the tasks so you will want to make sure it is someone you checked out thoroughly before outsourcing to them.

  1. Manage it.

If you hire someone and need work completed in four hours, then be sure to communicate the timeframes to your new assistant. You don’t want to get billed for unexpected extra hours.

When you outsource your work (even if it is one hour a week), you can stick to the task of successfully scaling your business.

– Lisa Mininni

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