Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Part 4

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Part 4 by Elizabeth Kipp #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #RelieveStress

In part 4 of this 7-part blog series by WU World Changer Elizabeth Kipp, she reveals her 4th tool to relieve stress, anxiety, and fear. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week\’s Part 3!

7 Ways to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Fear – Tool #4 – Gratitude and Tapping into the Frequency of Abundance

We can heal from our patterns of stress and anxiety. Part of healing and living beyond the stress and anxiety we experience is in shifting out of the frequency of lack and into the frequency of abundance.

Gratitude vibrates within the frequency of abundance. If we are focusing on how stressed we are, we get hung up in the feeling of being stressed. But if we focus instead on how blessed we are, then we shift our focus to a whole other energy state and open to the frequency of gratitude, the baseline in the frequency of abundance.

We must face the energies driving us to make our affirmations in the first place. One can wish for something with all their heart. One can say affirmations until their breath is spent, but until you are able to face into the energy that is driving you to wish or affirm to begin with, you will probably continue to be stuck in the wishing and affirming. We miss the thing that is blocking the way – that thing we don’t want to feel or acknowledge; and yet that is the very thing that will save us. By turning into the fear that we will never attain this thing we want, and clearing that block, we open into the Field of Possibility – the impossible becomes the ‘I’m possible.”

When we attune to the frequency of abundance, we are tapping right into the flow of the Divine. When we have experienced this flow, our body remembers how we feel — literally flowing with the energy that fills it, in ease and grace, welcoming its swelling, rising, and falling waves. As we learn to recognize this state, it becomes so much easier for us to also recognize its opposite – that moment when we become filled up and loaded with the charged up frequency of fear.

Learn to move from fear to flow. We learn to see that the frequency of fear is a great block to our ease-filled flow state, our ability to tune to the frequency of abundance, and we learn to drop this block and allow ourselves back into The Flow. Once we bring consciousness into the equation, we can more easily perceive the changes in our energy states as they arise, and create the shift back into The Flow for ourselves.

When we reference the past and project into the future – that creates blocks for us. Fear lives in the mind – in its experience of the past and concerns about the future; it cannot abide the present moment, where The Flow resides. When we feel fear, we shift the mind back to re-enter the present moment.

The power of gratitude opens the door for us to heal. When we stay present, we drop our pattern of slipping back into the past and the projection what our future will be. We have stopped our voice of worry since that voice lives in the future. The anxiety associated with worry dissolves. We are living in the moment – not the past or the future. The body gets the message from us that we are no longer holding onto our old patterns and blocking the body from being able to do its job of healing effectively and then shifts freely into its natural state towards healing. Our experience of stress and anxiety is transformed into an experience of dropping our resistance to life and allowing whatever is here, in this moment, to just be.

For more on tapping into the frequency of abundance and other help, I invite you to check out for Relieving Stress. 

– Elizabeth

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