Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Part 1

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Part 1 by Elizabeth Kipp #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Anxiety #Blog

In relieve stress, anxiety, and fear Part 1 by WU World Changer Elizabeth Kipp, she will share why it\’s important to unlearn toxic behavioral patterns and relearn healthier ways of living!

We can heal from chronic pain, feelings of anxiety, and the patterns that help spur these energetic states.

We can unlearn behavioral patterns that we have learned and develop new and more healthy ways of living and being. When we feel overwhelmed, we react rather than consciously respond to our experience.

Our mind has the power to spin us into the past or the future, but not necessarily keep us in the present. We can be swept into the mind’s imaginings. The realm of fear lives in the mind. We feel the sensation of excitement in the body, but as the mind makes the meaning that we ‘are not safe’, then our excitement – a neutral experience – becomes fear. We shifted from a neutral experience to a state of being threatened due to the meaning our mind made of the source of the original sensation – excitement. When we experience fear, we can be ‘lost’ in our emotions and lose our sense of stability, feeling that we are untethered in the world.

Here are ways you can shift yourself and become more the witness to your experience, and then respond to situations, rather than purely react.
  1. Slow down

We live in a culture that feels like it moves at record speed. We feel pushed to perform. We can feel that we are running behind in a world filled with deadlines and clockwork schedules. This frenetic energy pace is stressful for anyone. We can do our best to become aware of the rapid pace of society and act. We give ourselves a little more time. We learn to go a little slower. People will wait.

  1. Come back to the present moment

Reconnect with your senses to help bring you back to a grounded sense of yourself by engaging the tactile senses. What are you seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling in this moment? Most importantly, notice your breath and keep it slow, steady and even.

  1. Embrace the world rather than brace against it

Open yourself to all the motion in life, rather than trying to contain any of it. When we accept things as they are instead of resisting their presence, we find we just get along better with ourselves and our world.

  1. Meditate

Give yourself the gift of leaving the thinking mind behind, or at least giving it a rest, and disengage your thoughts through meditation. Meditation not only brings us right back to the present moment, but it also gifts us a profound and lasting sense of inner peace.

  1. Find support

Reach out and let your friends know what’s going on with you and ask for help. Their presence will help ground you and bring back your sense of safety. Your friends want to be there for you. Do yourself and them a favor and speak up. When we solidify our connections with loved ones, we come back to ourselves.

  1. Build structure into your life and stick with it

We thrive in structure and find security and surety in it. Develop a routine and stick with it. If you have a chaotic day, do your best to shift back into your routine and find your rhythm again.

  1. Keep your health front and center

Good healthy foods, plenty of water, regular exercise, and a disciplined sleep routine all help contribute to keeping us steady and focused in a mindful way.

  1. Manage your expectations

Become conscious of what you expect. Be realistic and flexible. Whatever it is that you are experiencing is impermanent. You will get through it. Just be mindful of deciding ahead of time what that will look like or turn out to be. By letting go of thinking that “things should be a certain way,” you will feel yourself open up and experience things beyond what your mind could ever imagine.

  1. Love yourself – for real

Find and hold a great and mighty space of compassion for yourself, and in holding that space, you will find that you feel you can also hold a vast space of compassion for the world. Let your heart take center stage. Live from here and find contentment.

Fear can wreak havoc on us if we let it. When we become mindful of how we are reacting to life as it comes, we find less stress and anxiety arising within us around events. By practicing the suggestions here, you will find yourself better equipped to shift with the changes in your day and in your world with more ease and grace. Trouble is just part of the human experience. When we learn to accept this and understand the underpinnings of how we are reacting in our world, and when we take the time to ground ourselves if we feel untethered, we find we can take the time to evaluate the situation and respond appropriately.

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– Elizabeth Kipp