Quote for February 2nd by JoAnn Neurath

Quote for February 2nd by JoAnn Neurath #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Quote

Embrace aging with the perspective that old age does not mean uselessness with the featured Quote for February 2nd by JoAnn Neurath.

I find it interesting to look at old photographs that are often printed on the obituary page of our local newspaper. For instance; a grinning young man in a military uniform and words something like: \’92 years old, fought for his country in World War II.\’ Or the young woman with sparkling eyes, \’89 years young, grew up on a farm in Kansas during the depression.\’ Yet, I see the unspoken message \’I wasn\’t always old you know.\’ Why do we think those who have had a long life feel sidelined when they reach the later years? The brevity of life makes us think about our \’end,\’ the measure of our days, and how fleeting they are. A feeling that becomes real as we grow closer to the end of our lives.

Old age does not have to focus on declining health, pining over what once was. It can also be full of tranquility and mirth, courage and kindness, the fruit of those who have grown old with God. Those who are planted in the house of the Divine shall be fresh in the courts of our God, bearing fruit and flourishing. Our roots go down into the soil of God\’s love.

As we age, it does our soul a world of good to turn from anxious thoughts and fill our days with prayerful praise, greet each morning with thankfulness and gratitude. It lifts us out of gloom and replaces our sadness. Anyone who is rooted in gratitude knows there will always be blessings.

We live in a world where there will always be something to complain about. No matter how old we get, we can still be young at heart, but with the benefit of a well-lived lifetime of knowledge and wisdom, and if through contentment and cheerfulness we show others the fullness and deepness of God, we will be useful until the end of our days.

JoAnn Aparo Neurath