5 Ways to Create A Life You Enjoy in 2018

5 Ways to Create A Life You Enjoy in 2018 by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #LifeYouEnjoy
5 Ways to Create A Life You Enjoy in 2018 by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #LifeYouEnjoy
I don’t do resolutions.

If you really want successful changes in the New Year, no matter what they may be, you have to do more than make resolutions. In this article, I’ve shared 5 effective ways to set yourself up for success and create a life you enjoy in 2018.

If we had the answer to the billion-dollar question, how do we get people to do what they already know they need to do to meet their goals, then this whole resolution situation would be cake. But we don’t. What motivates people is different for each of them. So part of the answer is to find out what it’s going to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the new year; your own personal motivation barometer.

It doesn’t matter what change you want to make, job, relationship, location, and fitness status. It’s all about knowing yourself, knowing your worth, making your life, health, wealth, and joy a priority, and taking action that’s in alignment with those things every day. Not monthly, or yearly. Daily.

What’s your personal motivation barometer? What moves you into action? Are you so stuck in resignation, discontent, and negativity you barely have energy left to get up in the morning?

Is it going to take hitting rock bottom to get you to move? Is it going to take a trip to the ER? Is a little chest pain going to move you? How about getting fired? Death of a loved one? Divorce?

Don’t wait for your house to burn down before you smell the smoke. — Torrie Pattillo

I got this; like really understood. But I wasn’t doing much about the smoke I smelled on a daily basis. Too afraid. Too worried. Too uncomfortable with possible consequences for the actions I knew I had to take. Then the chest pain started. As did my daydreams about ending up in the hospital with a heart attack and what my kids would do if that happened.

So one day I made the very difficult decision to ask for a divorce.

Not every action is going to be this big or drastic. But taking action is what has to happen if you’re looking forward to a truly new year. Listed below are the things I do, instead of making resolutions, to create the life I enjoy living every single day, and to continue exploring, growing, and evolving every year.

5 Ways to Create A Life You Enjoy in 2018:

  1. Practice awareness.

This has become a daily practice for me. What do I feel, sense, notice, think, believe, and know? I’m constantly monitoring these things. My intuition has become badass because of it, so I know what I need to do and the answers come more easily because I keep in touch with what I feel. I also monitor thoughts. I keep my mindset fiercely positive, grateful and on-purpose, no matter what’s happening. This level of awareness that changes things quickly.

  1. Practice getting in touch with your desires.

Regular questions that have become regular to my soul are those revolving around my desires. What do you want? What do you truly desire for your life? How do you want to feel? I ask myself big questions and I journal the answers, at least every week, if not daily. Moving the wishes, desires, wants, and hopes onto paper are one action step I take regularly to make those things real. Intuitive writing has been the way I connect with my desires, dreams, goals, and sacred ambitions.

  1. Speak up.

I’ve been able to speak up about what I want, how I feel, what scares me, what hurts me, what totally turns me on, what I think and believe, and what I’m after in my life. I do this on a regular basis with the people who matter the most; the ones who support me, love me, lift me up, and care about what I’m up to. If it’s not out loud, it’s not real. So I’m out loud now and full on.

  1. Follow the feeling of fear like a compass.

I created a practice out of knowing what fear feels like. I’m talking about the kind that gets in the way of what I truly desire. I know what that feels like inside my body and I do the things I’m afraid of on a regular basis. I don’t care if I fail anymore. I consider mistakes and failures stepping stones, so the reframe is a game changer.

  1. Practice taking action.

I do something every day that’s in alignment with the things I desire. I write them down. I make the calls. I set up the meetings. I send the emails. I dream up big projects. I learn how to make stuff happen. I find the answers to what I don’t know. I reach out for help. I buy the healthier food. I move my body. I write about what matters to me. I do something every single day. This last step might even be enough on its own.

So, how about instead of making promises you can’t keep this year, start doing. Try creating new habits and disciplines, instead of resolutions, and watch your life change this year. Do the things you know you want and need to do.

Stop procrastinating. Stop doubting. Stop making excuses. Stop ignoring your intuition. Stop hoping, wishing, and dreaming for things to be different. Stop smelling smoke and spraying air freshener over it. Just do what you need to do.

It’s hard because you think it is. It’s impossible because you think it is. You’re not good enough because you think you aren’t good enough. You don’t have the time because you don’t prioritize what matters. You don’t have the energy because you don’t prioritize yourself. You’re all alone in this because you haven’t asked for help.

You can change all of this.

What if it was easy? What else is possible?

I’d love for you to tell me about your own personal motivation barometer. What’s it going to take? What’s the struggle? What’s the thing you need to prioritize? You can take one small action step right this minute and comment below!

Happy New Year and New You, everyone!

– Laura

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