5 Ways to Get In Touch with Your Spirit

A Prescription-Free World: 5 Ways to Get In Touch with Your Spirit

Living a life without pain, anxiety, stress, and disease may seem like a fantasy, but with some serious self-reflection and consistent self-care, it can be your reality.

A prescription-free life includes everything from healthy eating and exercise, to positive relationships and strong personal boundaries. We’ve covered a few ways to heal your body naturally both physically and mentally over the past few weeks. Today we’re going to cover the third leg of the triangle, the natural healing of your spirit.

While mind and body are easier to define, our spirit often leaves many of us stumbling.

When it comes to the three legs of self-care, your spirit can be defined as your inner being or the center of life for your physical body. This is where your beliefs, your personality, your convictions, and your passions lie.

So, it only stands to reason that if you are feeding your mental and physical body, but still feeling unbalanced, your spirit probably needs some extra attention. Shared below are a few ways to get in touch with your spirit in order to analyze it and help it work in balance with your physical and mental body.

Here Are 5 Ways to Get in Touch with Your Spirit:

1.            Quiet and Calm Your Mind.

Start to trust that the energy and life within you has been there since birth. It is an integral part of who you are and who you have always been. Listen to it. Acknowledge it. Trust it.

2.            Renew and Awaken Your Spirit.

If you are feeling lost, find your spiritual side. For some that might be through God or religion. For others, spending time with nature or meditating work better. Find a way to speak and listen to your spirit.

3.            Find Your Passion.

We were all given exceptional talents in this world and talents are meant to be shared. Find the thing that lights you up inside and then make an effort to do that every day.

4.            Reflect on the Relationships in Your Life.

Positive, healthy relationships quickly heal a spirit. Surround yourself with positivity and grace and love. Thrive on the energy that others bring. 

5.            Accept That You Are Energy.

Harness and use your powerful energy. Don’t let others take away your ability to reason and inspire and teach. 

When your body, mind, and spirit are balanced, you’ll find a powerful tool for self-healing. Picture a triangle with three equal sides. It’s solid and sturdy with a strong base. Each side is identical, one does not pull or push more than another. They simultaneously lean on and support each other.

If you are a religious person, the holy trinity is commonplace in your life. If you study numerology, you know that the number three is considered by some to be the first real number and directly related to the union of mind, body, and spirit. 

While the spirit of an individual takes on many names, descriptions, and explanations, they all seem to come back to the idea that we hold within ourselves a greater energy and power than we understand how to control. Harness that energy. Trust it and respect it. You’ll be amazed at how abundant your life starts to feel.

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