5 Ways to Have A Happy Day

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Happiness depends upon ourselves.  

– Aristotle

Happiness and being happy come from within you. When found outside, from things like a festive gathering, a work promotion, or being noted for an accomplishment, happiness quickly fades as life moves along.

Life provides us with daily lessons and experiences, allowing us insight into reacting or responding. No matter what happens around us from the outside, it’s our attitude that will create inner calm and happiness or chaos and gloom. It takes more energy to be unhappy, while being happy promotes energy.

Happiness is our awareness of what we choose to do with our lives. Yes, it’s true that some people are born optimists and always seem positive and happy. What about the rest of us who are in between?

Think of “happiness” as creating a growth-promoting habit from the inside out. Being happy is a lifestyle habit available to everyone. Happiness can be fostered and cultivated.

Scientific studies suggest that happiness promotes a healthier lifestyle. It may also counter stress while boosting your immune system, and may even increase your life expectancy.

Happiness does these good things for your body and mind:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Grows resilience
  • Promote creativity and calm

Here Are 5 Ways to Experience A Happy Day:

  1. Practice Daily Gratitude

This seemingly simple strategy, when practiced daily, has a positive effect on mood and attitude. You can keep a gratitude journal, compliment others, or make a note of one or more good things that give your life meaning. Practice gratitude at the start of your day as a beautiful foundation of what is good in your life. Ending the day on a grateful note can promote peaceful sleep.

  1. Set an Intention at the Start of Your Day

When you wake and are just getting ready for the day, find a quiet moment to set a personal intention of what you want from the day and how you want to feel. Think of setting an intention as a mini roadmap of how you desire to show up.

  1. Let Go of the Small Stuff

Things are always coming and going in our busy lives. If things happen to you or around you that cause a reaction of stress or drama, give yourself permission to acknowledge your feelings and let it go. If you place your energy on all the little things, you’re losing time where happiness and great things can happen.

  1. Meditate Daily

Sitting in daily silence and stillness clears your mind and calms you down.  When your mind is clear and calm, you have space to respond versus react. This fosters emotional regulation which then creates a happier you. Mediation resets our active brain giving an instant release from stress. Less stress centers us in happier energy.

  1. Make Time to Exercise

Exercise is a great way to treat yourself with care. Try moving daily, whether this is going for a walk, doing CrossFit, cycling, or doing some yoga. Do what drives you!  It relieves stress and releases feel-good endorphins. You will feel better when you’ve done something healthy, and this fosters happiness.

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