5 Ways to Redefine Healing for Yourself

5 Ways to Redefine Healing for Yourself by Laura Probert #WUVIP #RedefineHealing #TheWellnessUniverse

I was taught to believe that healing meant someone else fixed you. Whether it be a chiropractor, medical doctor or another type of health professional, you went because there was something wrong with you and this individual’s job was to fix it. I’ve grown to understand that that definition of healing is extremely limited. I want to help you redefine what it means to heal yourself, and open you up to the infinite possibilities there are to feel better in mind, body and soul.

Healing is so much more complicated, fascinating and expansive than this idea that something’s broken and you have to go have it fixed by someone else who knows more about your own body than you. Healing is more about balancing the delicate mind, body, soul system, not about what you need to fix.

We’ve lost touch with the ancient practice of connecting with our own inner wisdom, intuition and healer. Connecting with that wisdom is as simple as learning how to feel and sense what’s happening in your mind, body and soul. It’s about awareness.

When you connect with that inner healer you’re able to listen to the language of your own body and soul – it gives you messages about what you need to heal and about what you need to nourish yourself. You can learn this skill; how to listen to your body and interpret the language. You can get very good at this, to the point of being able to direct your own health care, and make choices you never thought you had the capacity to make.

It was decades before I learned these skills. In the meantime, I followed everyone else’s rules about what to do when I was sick; surgery and prescription medicines included. There were periods in my life where I felt I would never be healthy, the constant rounds of antibiotics seemed to be the only answer the doctors had for me. I knew there had to be a different, better way to address what was going on.

When I began to tune into my intuition I didn’t trust it at first. It kind of whispered at me through all the noise of the outside world telling me what I was supposed to do and what was the “smart” thing to do about my situation. Instead of listening to the nudges my own body and soul were giving me about alternatives, I followed the rules I learned. Even after I became a healthcare practitioner myself, it took me a while longer to realize that the way I practiced wasn’t aligned with the deeper beliefs emerging in me about healing. It was time to redefine healing.

With the help of many powerful healing modalities, including things like John F. Barnes Myofascial Release, acupuncture, tapping, martial arts, breath work and therapeutic writing, I began to feel a freedom (in my body) that I hadn’t experienced before. Hope and possibility began to seep their way into my mind and I began to make a shift toward everything that felt right about my healing and my journey.

The biggest Aha was the fact that it wasn’t the traditional Western medicine tools and techniques making me feel better and healthier. It was a myriad of alternative techniques that seemed to be making a difference. And while I can’t knock traditional Western medicine when it comes to an emergency type of situations, I began to see where it lacked significantly in the holistic healing and prevention department.

Here’s what I want you to know about healing – and 5 new ways to begin to redefine healing for yourself:

  1. Healing is unique to YOUR mind, body and soul. Remember that your unique combination of events and situation dictates a very individual need. What works for them might not work for you. You are the only one who ultimately knows and feels what’s best for you. Start to develop your awareness and intuition and begin practicing listening to your body’s messages.
  2. There are so many alternatives. There are healing modalities out there that you haven’t tried yet. Think you’ve tried them all? There’s something else you haven’t learned about yet. Part of the journey is to stay positive and hopeful and stay in action. Keep your mind tuned into the possibility that there’s something you haven’t been shown yet. This is about your mindset.
  3. You’ll never know unless you try it. Be brave and go try something new. It may not be for you, but you’ll never know unless you try it. Action is how you’ll discover what works. Action is how you’ll find a solution. Action is also how you’ll bust through your fear.
  4. Your inner healer speaks in its own language. The trick is to learn it. You may get a sense of knowing. You may get a message that pops into your head. You may get a feeling inside. All these sensations are ways you’ll understand your intuition and inner healer. One of the best things you can do is find someone who can teach you the skill of tuning into your inner knowing.
  5. Healing can happen in the craziest of ways. One month I decided to join the NaNoWriMo Challenge; to write a 30,000 word novel in the month of November. Little did I know when I began that challenge that I’d write my heart out and free it from a decade-long prison I had created with my own thoughts and beliefs about the past. You never know what healing gift the moment will bring. Be open to the possibility. Be aware and open to how healing can happen for you.

Please join me in the comments with your healing moments and questions. And to learn more about a warrior kind of healing visit me at www.LauraProbert.com

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