7 Ways to Honor Earth Day 2020 While Practicing Social Distancing

Over 50 years ago, America had its’ first Earth Day when 10% of the population launched the modern environmental movement by protesting throughout the country and giving the Earth’s environment a strong advocate for its’ preservation and health.

This year Earth Day falls on Wednesday, April 22nd, and will feel the effects of social distancing.

The theme of this year is climate action; the biggest challenge to our humanity and future of a habitable planet. Although large gatherings are not recommended and, in many states, currently banned, there’s still much you can do to do your part for Earth Day 2020.

Here Are 7 Ways You Can Honor Earth Day While Practicing Social Distancing:

  1. Live Streams

Use the power of the internet to your advantage and start promoting a live stream of what you would say as an educator or teacher at an in-person event. Use the hashtag #EarthDay2020 so other people can find you and join in on your event.

Social media platforms like Facebook let you save the entire recording of your live stream on your profile, while Instagram only allows the recording to stay up for 24 hours after your stream ends.

Twitch was built with live streaming in mind, as well as YouTube – it’s just a matter of choosing which one you like best. You can also use things like Zoom to set up more of a webinar format and live stream what you’re talking about.

You could even do a series of Earth Day live streams filled with climate action content the week leading up to it to generate interest. It will also give people something to share throughout social media to build up awareness and increase engagement prior to Wednesday the 22nd.

With every post you make to promote your upcoming live stream, let people know the time you’ll be speaking and how they can share it afterwards. The more information they have about when things are happening and what to do with what they’ve learned, the more impact your live streams will have.

  1. 50-50 Challenge

Invite your friends and family to join you in a 50-50 challenge, where you join together as a group to post 50 environmentally friendly actions leading up to and on Earth Day. use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anything else you use to share these posts with the hashtag #EarthDay2020 and create a personal hashtag for just your group.

Keep inviting people and encouraging each other to do their part so you can reach 50 actions before Earth Day and inspire change.

  1. Movie Night

Gather people in a virtual call where one person will share their screen for the rest as you get together to watch films about Earth and climate action. After the movie, you can have an open discussion about how you can do your part now and create verbal commitments to support climate action.

  1. Silent Auction

If you want to do your part for Earth Day from the comfort of your own home, you can join a silent auction of items that help the environment. In Mechanicsburg, PA they are holding a silent auction of painted rain barrels and offering the first 50 participants free wildflower seeds.

They’re also hosting a Picture A Better Earth contest, where the participants are asked to submit a picture showing how they’re helping the planet with a brief description. You can learn all about it at their Facebook page for Downtown Mechanicsburg.

  1. Virtual Events

Create your own Earth Day 2020 group through Facebook and spend the weeks prior the 22nd sharing what you and your family will do to fight climate change through verbal commitments. Once you’ve decided your chosen cause of action, post pictures following through with your verbal commitment to inspire others to do the same.

You can also create an Earth Day Photo Challenge for your kids with a series of small awards or prizes for all who participate. Have them draw pictures of how they would help the Earth and share them through a group call.

For your teens – if they’re tech savvy – you can challenge them to do a Social Media Challenge, spreading awareness through social media posts and getting their friends to participate with verbal commitments and social proof. The one that has the most join and participate in their event or group wins the challenge!

  1. Share Stories

Ask your community through phone calls, social media posts, text messages or direct messaging to participate in an Earth Day Story Share. Gather as many stories as you can about the things that people have done to do their part in healing the Earth, having a smaller footprint and/or advocating for climate action.

You can collect stories through a quick phone call with that person, asking for them to write it down and email it to you or by a direct message of their actions through social media.

You’ll then share these stories with your social media community, asking those that participated to share the various stories as well, every day until April 22nd. The more you gather, the more there is to share and the bigger impact your Story Share can have.

  1. Online Presence

Commit yourself to posting daily about something you’re doing for Earth Day and climate action on your various social media platforms. Being consistent and continuing to show up each day will inspire others to do the same and increase the number of people talking about Earth Day 2020.

Earth Day 2020 may be different this year, but it can still be just as impactful as it would be when we all gather together in person. There is a way that you can do your part for Earth Day despite social distancing, utilize the power of bringing people together in a virtual community to educate, support and promote this year’s theme of climate action.

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