9 Blessings: Crossing the Threshold of Life into the Unknown

The energy these past few weeks and months has been charged with intensity.

On a psychic or spiritual level, many of us were aware that there was something in the air, although we could not have imagined the level of activity in the world of Spirit that is now taking place. Humanity is faced with a life and death crisis. Many of us are being faced with the stark reality and devastation of losing a loved one or maybe even more than one. Many souls are leaving the earth plane quickly and unexpectedly. While we scramble to catch up with the reality of life and death, attempting to protect ourselves and those we love from the deadly virus, we are also put in a position to have to say goodbye to some of those we love.

Early one morning just in the past few days, I awoke to two words given to me by Spirit in that in-between time when the dream state and the awake state kiss one another in greeting and then quickly flee to their perspective corners of awareness.

The words, Nine Blessings. Often Spirit does this to me. I get just a taste of a message.

Not a full-blown dictatorial, not a completed manuscript or even a finished thought. Just a couple of words. Somehow inside myself, I knew the nine blessings had to do with a send-off for those who were passing from this life into the next. Intuitively I knew that many souls were leaving the earth plane and may be out of sorts, unprepared, emotionally tied to the ones they left behind.

I offer this to you as my gift to those who are forced to say goodbye to those they love. I also offer it to the many souls who find themselves in that in-between place, somewhere between this earth plane and the next realm of reality. I bless you. I wish you comfort in your sadness, peace in your unrest, quiet calm in your state of dis-ease.

Here Are 9 Blessings for Finding Peace and Divine Love as You Cross the Threshold of Life into the Unknown:

  1. We bless you for your life

We bless your contribution to our lives, through your love, your choices, your words, thoughts, and actions. Even the ones that you or I may view as less than helpful, we bless those too. We bless the way you chose to experience life in this particular incarnation of your soul.

  1. We release you from any emotions that would hold you through an obligation to the living

We bless you as you leave your physical body to the next expression of your soul. Although we feel sadness, loss, and grief as you pass on to the next adventure, we bless you as you move on to the next thing, whatever that may be.

  1. We bless you as you greet those who have gone before you

We welcome into your transition those who love you, who have come to greet you, and who lead you into the next realm of awareness. We ask that the highest available beings of love and light, be they angels, guides, loving ancestors, or deities who you have aligned yourself with during life, greet you and lead you on to the next plane of existence.

  1. We bless you by releasing your body back to nature

In the way that you have chosen or in the way that best represents the return of your physical existence back to the earth who supported you in life and provided you with food, water, air, and breath. We release your physical body’s existence and we release your soul from any cord that would try to stay connected to a physical existence.

  1. We bless you as you navigate this huge change and transition in your awareness

We understand that it may take a little time to settle into this new expression of your soul and we embrace the changes with you as we also change the way we experience your soul and your contribution to our lives. We will need some time as we process the grief and loss at your passing and understand that you may need a little time as well.

  1. We bless the way you experienced your physical body awareness and expression of life in the way you connected to us individually and collectively

We bless the relationship we shared with you and the new relationship to your energy and the memory of our lives together. We remember the love, the joy, the tears, the sadness, the conversations, the times of silence or difficulty or separation. We bless the good times we shared and the challenges we faced either together or individually. We understand and acknowledge that none of us ever lives our lives free from regret or bad choices. We bless all the interactions we had, both the happy ones and the challenging ones, for they created opportunities for greater awareness and understanding.

  1. We bless you for the path you chose in life

We bless all the bumps on the road, all the delays or detours that may have carried you in directions we loved and directions we objected to or did not understand. We acknowledge that your life was your own, and you navigated it in the best way that you could given the way that your path unfolded for you.

  1. We bless and acknowledge the gifts you gave to us in life

Every action that resulted in a change in our relationship to you, whether it turned out to be beneficial or challenging, we acknowledge that every word you spoke, every action you took that affected us in one way or another, every expression of love or less than love, each breath you took was a gift to us in some way. Your life changed the way we experienced life. We thank you for your presence in our life.

  1. We bless this ending of our physical relationship to one another

We acknowledge that every ending precedes a new beginning. Although the way we experience one another is changing, our relationship with one another will always be an aspect of the growth of our soul. We will always be in some way tied to one another through our memories, our awareness, and our connection. Whether we experience life together or apart, we will always be in some way a part of one another’s journey of awareness and experience.

We bless you and release you to the Light of Divine Love and Light.

– Joy

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