Mental Health Crash? How to Cope with COVID-19

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has claimed our freedom, happiness, social interaction and life as we knew it. We need community, connection and a sense of safety to experience a healthy and balanced life, and to maintain positive mental health. Well-being is a top priority and not to be ignored, otherwise, we are headed for a crash. The Wellness Universe shares tips for best mental wellness.

The Wellness Universe Best Help is responding to this crisis with wellness practitioners offering pro-bono, sliding scale and reduced rates for their services. is facilitating a connection between people who need support with practitioners who can help with mind, body and spiritual well-being.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is stressful for families and individuals, both young and old. A looming crisis of declining mental well-being is gaining momentum and may be the next epidemic. People are experiencing isolation, tension, stress, loneliness, fear, anxiety, grief, anger, uncertainty, overwhelm and more.

“A sci-fi horror film is literally playing out in real life and it’s terrifying!” says Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe, a New Jersey-based company focused on total well-being.

“I am gravely concerned for the mental well-being of our nation, and world, as we move through this pandemic. People around the globe are affected emotionally by COVID-19, to the degree of contemplating suicide. This is just the beginning. We will experience trauma from this historic event long after the virus is gone. We need help to heal ourselves through this with loving care. There is hope,” Ms. Pereira goes on to say.

WU Best Help top wellness coaches from The Wellness Universe suggest simple strategies and practices to reduce stress, find joy and get balanced in the chaos to claim your health and well-being.

Andrea R. Warren AIA, CHWC, CABC shares how a virtual lunch was a lifesaver: “As a wellness practitioner, I see many colleagues dealing with circumstances that they never thought were possible due to COVID-19. Leaving their children with friends, having to isolate themselves from their partners and caring for several patients they would usually only see once every several years. A peer recently reached out; she felt worn out, depressed and helpless. I called a few of our colleagues and we decided it was time for a virtual girl’s lunch! At the end of the session, she said: \’this lunch was literally a lifesaver!\’ For all of us, including those of us in healthcare professions, it is imperative that we take time to recharge and connect with the outside world.”

Catherine Gruener, Licensed Counselor, and Certified Parent Educator offers help for parents: “The misbehavior that we see in our children at this time may have nothing to do with them pushing against limits; it is not bad behavior; all children experience change and process change differently. Some cry, some try to take control, others can lash out in anger. As a parent, give yourself and your children latitude. When people feel afraid or sad, they can do and say things that come from fear or loss. Cool down. Comfort yourself and your child. Forgive yourself and others. Create a daily schedule for your child and for yourself. Make sure to put in free time and outdoor time.

When things get challenging stop, breathe, and reset in the moment with a 5-4-3-2-1 method.

– Stop, take three deep breathes, name 5 things that you see in front of you.
– Name 4 things that you can hear.
– Name 3 things that you can feel on your skin.
– Name 2 things that you can smell or like to smell.
– Finally, name 1 thing that you like to taste or can taste. Dark chocolate is my favorite!

In general, tell others thank you, take in the good moments when they come and practice gratitude daily. Choose safety. Be kind. Love one another.”

Mother to an adult special-needs daughter, Manuela Rohr is a yoga therapist whose life experience and beautiful spirit reminds us to use a breathing exercise to bring us to a peaceful place.

This breathing exercise is her own personal practice when feeling stressed and panicked. “Fear and panic attacks take your breath away. This is my best tip to get back to feeling better as fast as you can. Slow down your breathing and breathe into your belly. Put one hand on your belly and feel it rise and fall. Think of a balloon, how it slowly fills up. Visualize that while you breathe slowly into your belly.

Do this a few times until you feel calmer. Then let your mind focus on relaxing with each exhalation,”
Ms. Rohr shared.

Implementing mindfulness practices and fun activities into your daily routine are easy if you take the time to do so. You will find your sleep improved, relationships improved and your overall happiness increased.

Beyond COVID-19, taking care of your mental well-being now will help you find happiness, health, joy, peace and wake up daily to a life you love. For more resources, check out WU Best Help.

– The Wellness Universe

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