How to Get Rid of Comparison Syndrome for Good

How to Get Rid of Comparison Syndrome for Good by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Comparison

Social media has created connectivity in some amazing ways, but it can also create some dark spaces in our minds if we’re not careful about how we approach it.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of discouragement as we’ve scrolled through other people’s pictures, feeds, and posts, perhaps wishing that our world was just a little bit more like theirs.

What am I talking about? A mindset trigger called comparison syndrome and how you can take simple steps to get rid of it for good.

Why does comparison syndrome happen?

Comparison syndrome comes from our emotions triggering a limiting or shaming mindset when we see other people having what we want, being the kind of person we’re working to be, or doing the things we’ve always wanted to do.

It comes from a false mindset of telling ourselves that “we aren’t good enough to get there” and that creates a sense of belonging, disappointment, feeling trapped, and angry that we aren’t where we expected ourselves to be.

What does it do?

If your mind gets stuck on comparing yourself to others, it reduces the space it can have for creativity, invention, discipline, motivation, inspiration, beauty, love, security, passion, abundance, joy, peace, and happiness.

Negative thoughts will only hold you back from stepping into your new place of prosperity, power, and position.

How do we stop it?

Comparison syndrome can be leveraged to motivate you to clear out any fears that are holding you back and take consistent action to become what you want to be.

When you feel yourself start to turn inward and mentally attack yourself for not being, doing, or having all the things you want, stop it right there and don’t allow the thought pattern to continue.

You can get rid of comparison syndrome for good when you are willing to take a step back and recognize that you’re taking yourself down a spiral of feeling like you’re not doing enough.

That feeling is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the dreams you have that your soul and mind are asking you to follow. By building awareness of what’s triggering your feelings, you can prepare yourself to change the narrative.

Do some soul searching and identify the specific thing that you compare yourself to. Once you know the trigger, write down one to five powerful, positive and empowering affirmations about yourself, your talents, and future that change the story.

Say these out loud daily and keep saying them throughout the day to retrain your mind and thought patterns. Place them at your desk, as reminders on your phone, as screensavers, phone backgrounds, sticky notes on your mirror, a printout on your fridge. Attack that limiting mindset from all sides and show it no mercy.

Where do we go from here?

Challenge those limiting thoughts that comparison syndrome triggers and ask yourself, “Why not me? What am I telling myself about my dreams, wants, and desires?”

It\’s up to you to decide to change how you see other people’s success instead of allowing it to bring you down, add it to a list of dreams that you keep close by in a journal.

The truth is, you being you, as you are, in this moment, is more than enough to become all that you want to be, do, and have. If comparison syndrome is telling you otherwise, that’s your fear trying to manifest its way into your actions and act as a roadblock for your dreams.

Just because you aren’t exactly where you thought you’d be, doesn’t mean it is too late or it will never happen. You can get rid of comparison syndrome for good when you retrain your mindset and choose to see yourself as capable, strong, powerful, intelligent, and more than enough.

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