A Conversation With: Nancy Stevens

A Conversation With: Nancy Stevens by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NancyStevens

Welcome to this installment of The Wellness Universe’s ‘A Conversation With …’ interview series! Each week, we will feature interviews from some of our amazing WU World Changers so you can learn about who they are as a person, their profession, mission, and their why!’

A Conversation with Nancy Stevens, Solopreneur, Health/Wellness Coach, and Yoga Teacher –

  1. Hello Nancy, will you please tell us about yourself?

Where do I begin? My current journey began as a crazy busy fulltime mom of four active sons. Today, two are adults and two are teens. Meanwhile, I also assist my husband, a Grammy award decorated producer and writer, with administrative work. During this time, it was a good day for me to be in the midst of multitasking if I was able to take a few minutes for myself to sit quietly or go to my pre-dawn gym workout. I felt as if I was always on call. As our oldest sons were in school and the younger sons in pre-school, I had more time to squeeze in the exercise classes I enjoyed. This was my time to both workout and connect with others socially.

From this place, I became a group fitness certified instructor and found my true voice as a certified yoga teacher. Over time, as our older sons left the nest and our younger sons began elementary school, what eventually blossomed was a deeper calling to become a health-wellness and life coach. Today I enjoy my role as a coach service provider at my local park and recreation centers, along with teaching numerous weekly fitness classes. I’ve found my happy place here at The Wellness Universe with others who are so amazingly kind.

  1. Nancy, what is it that inspires you?

What inspires me personally and professionally is helping others find their path to what it is they are meant to do and be. Oftentimes, as it was for me, simply taking a fitness class, for example, is an open door creating yet-to-be-imagined opportunities. This is the same for coaching women. Our mutual collaboration creates wide open spaces for finding their inner voice while naming and becoming their own unique selves, apart from external labels of work, relationships, personal interests, and/or skills.

  1. Will you please tell us what you call yourself and explain what it is that you do?

What I do as a health/wellness and life coach is collaborate with women who may not have a clue where to begin with their lives. I do this through coaching, intentional listening, asking thought-provoking questions, and using intentional silence. Together, we craft a plan of action that inspires them, is enjoyable, and uses goals – set by them – to find and achieve results. They then can emerge in a place of knowing who they are, and how to fully navigate all areas of their busy lives.

My job as a coach isn’t telling my clients what to do, but rather, guiding and facilitating with them so they can craft what it is they want on their own terms, and how it will play out.

  1. How exactly does that help someone?

Through the process of one-on-one coaching, my clients come to know and understand who they are, what motivates them, and what their true values are, all while learning how to live confidently and comfortably with the “new person” they want to be. This could be finding their true identity apart from external labels and work, understanding what “self-care” means to them, and discerning their truth from the limiting beliefs that were never true.

  1. Why are you so passionate about health/wellness coaching and yoga?

I’m passionate about what I do because when we take the time to discover and uncover the muck and mud of our limiting beliefs and do the work of becoming our best selves, the impact is immense. This is true not only for ourselves, but others as well. What we do with love and compassion for our own growth and development is far-reaching, and to me, sets us all up to lead in the scope of our lives.

  1. Did any specific life experience prompt you to follow this path?

On a personal level, yes. There was a time when I went through a period of frustration and internal anger. I didn’t know at the time, but I now know that this stemmed from fear and not liking myself. I knew it was up to me to bring on the necessary changes or I would always be a victim of my thoughts and responses. With the work of a coach, yoga time on my mat, and lots of reading, I saw myself blossom and grow. Change is not always easy but is entirely possible for a great outcome!

  1. How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been certified to teach fitness and yoga since 2010. In 2016, I became certified as a health and wellness coach. Then last year, in 2018, I took an advanced coaching training to become a certified international life and leadership coach.

  1. Will you share a story of how you have made a difference in someone’s life?

This is my favorite part! One of my clients, in particular, I’ve coached for 2 years. In the beginning, she thought she didn\’t have what it would take to consistently exercise, enjoy eating healthy, go to the grocery store alone, or how to speak up for herself at her workplace. Today, she now works out 5 days per week, has run two 5 ks, grocery shops for healthy foods and cooks by herself, lost weight, and also received a positive work review with a raise. She has taken charge of her health and wellbeing on so many levels, and she is now influencing others herself!

  1. What’s next on the horizon for you?

In January, I started hosting a bi-weekly, online radio show on News for the Soul Radio titled, Authentic Self-Care with Nancy.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing today, Nancy! Do you have any final thoughts?

We each have a right to own and live our best lives. The path may be challenging and not easy to do, but it is very possible to move and grow into what it is you want to do, be, and become with time, effort, and love!

If you would like to connect with Nancy Stevens, please visit: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/nancystevens

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