A New Way to Create a Better Year

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New Year’s resolutions may still be the traditional way some attempt to make change in their lives, but the Akashic Masters tell me there is something better. If you’re serious about upgrading your life, start with choosing weekly intentions. This practice empowers you to calibrate your life and reveals any blocks that prevent you from the having the life you desire. Combined with exploring your Akashic Records, this practice may be just the thing that propels you into the life you’ve been trying to create.

Things don’t change just because you want them to

Deidre struggled with food for years. The result of childhood trauma, food was the drug available to soothe her nervous system. She couldn’t very well go down to the corner and buy Percocet, so she settled for the crackers and cookies pilfered from the kitchen and hid them under her bed for when she woke up during the night with what she now knows was anxiety.

Over the years she tried every diet and exercise program imaginable. From Atkins and Weight Watchers to Beach Body and Soul Cycle, nothing worked long term. The harder she tried, the less effective restricting or pushing herself was.

After years of self-flagellation, she learned to practice intuitive eating and focus on the relationship she had with food. She felt better about her eating habits than she ever had but her body was still holding on to the extra weight.

The pain of failure

In 2021, she decided to try my “intention a week” method instead of making a resolution to lose weight or exercise more. For one of the weeks, her intention was to move consciously fifteen minutes a day. She failed the first week, so she tried again. Four weeks in a row she was unable to move her body for even a quarter of an hour.

“I just couldn’t force myself,” she confessed. Part of her wanted to believe she was just lazy, after all that is what many overweight people are accused of being. Her inability to move felt devastating and began to have an impact on her life.

This is when she reached out to me. “I used to think it was me,” she said. “But I am serious about this so there must be something else at play. I want to understand what that is.”

The Akashic Records reveal can reveal important information

When we opened her Records and asked the Akashic Masters for guidance, Dierdre was not expecting to see what we were shown. Three separate lifetimes were revealed to us, all with something in common.

In the first, she was a soldier hiding in a fox hole as artillery fired overhead. The screams of friends penetrated the air as the attack continued and the acrid smell of gun powder filled the tiny space where she hid. Frozen, Dierdre stayed curled up in the dirt long after the battle ended, frozen in fear and sadness.

We then moved on to a life where Dierdre was a little girl. She was woken from a sound sleep by banging on the front door. She quietly crawled out of bed and sat at the top of the steps, watching as a squad of soldiers appointed by the government forced her father onto his knees. They handcuffed him while her mother screamed for them to stop and dragged him out of the house. We watched this child tuck herself into a ball, unable to move from her hiding place.

Finally, we saw Dierdre as a steelworker who stood by helplessly as a friend slipped on the catwalk above a giant vat of molten pig iron and tumbled to his death. Others screamed and ran for help, but Dierdre froze, her hands squeezed around the railing, again unable to move while they furiously tried to save the man who’d fallen.

When struggles carry over

I could hear her crying softly when our visit was complete. “It’ exactly what I did when I was a kid in this lifetime,” she said. “The yelling and screaming. My mother throwing things. My father retaliating. I just froze because it felt like the safest thing to do.”

As she processed our exploration to her Akashic Records, Dierdre began to see how the chronic freeze state that developed as a tool for survival when she was a child carried over into adulthood. Not only that, but it was a pattern that had been with her for lifetimes.

Dierdre refined her intention around movement, starting with one minute. She trained her body to understand that in this lifetime, it was safe to move. Gradually, she increased the time and now enjoys so many of the things she wanted to do but was unable to before – playing tennis, running around with her grandchildren, walking regularly in the park near her house.

“There’s no other word than miracle,” she wrote me. “It took me seeing myself in those other lives to connect all the dots, but I’m so grateful.”

We all have karma, vows, and patterns from other lives that we replicate in the one we currently live. The practice of creating weekly intentions allows them to rise to the surface so they can be taken into your Akashic Records and be healed. You are worthy of having the experiences you want in life. Maybe this is the year for weekly intentions and the power of your Akashic Records.

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