A Revolutionary Tool for Developing Self-Love

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How often have we heard or read something which applied to our lives? How often have our experiences helped navigate a situation later in life for ourselves or someone we knew?

All the information we gain in life through our experiences, connections, and stories helps us create the tools we need to strengthen our lives. But, the crazy thing is, often, we are not aware of the valuable information we collect and the significant importance these tools can later have.

Every experience is a learning lesson

Growing up, I had the barest concept of what loving myself to the fullest extent meant. For me, self-love was practically nonexistent. I convinced myself that love resided in everyone except me. Yikes! My search for love was as determined as a child hunting for Easter eggs; however, my success was similar to a child playing “Marco Polo” in the pool but couldn’t swim. I was running around frantically and desperately like a crazy person holding an unsteady S.O.S. signal for a toxic relationship to see and come rolling into my life. Great.

After hitting several lows, fighting my way through doubt and insecurities, and a few emotional concussions along the way from abusive men, I finally awakened to my reality: “No one holds the key to my happiness except for me.” Wow. The power I held with this tremendous knowledge was exhilarating. Yes, getting there took many, many years, but every step was worth it. I had to fall, get trampled, and rise from the trenches several times before I reached this realization with inner strength and pride.

By understanding how to gauge my happiness meter, I stopped searching for love and needing validation from others to shine internally. I instead stepped fully into my reality which I had always known but never truly grasped. God made only one of me, and it was up to me and only me to become the best loving version of myself that I could be.

Ladies, we often forget one of the most powerful tools we need to gain is self-love. Love for ourselves is an essential foundation for many of our other endeavors to work. The learning lessons we gain are significant for conquering life\’s often unpredictable challenges. For me, every trauma, loss, heartbreak, joy, connection, celebration, job, or situation has only made me stronger and wiser.

The beautiful, life-changing thing, the knowledge we choose to gather, obtain, and store, will be right there in our trusty bedazzled belts or red Christian Louboutin metal boxes to help us navigate through challenging times with more ease and grace. We can then move through any situation quickly, with more clarity, wisdom, emotional strength, and a little bit of sassiness.

Don\’t get me wrong, embracing the knowledge we receive after each experience encountered doesn\’t mean these situations and experiences won\’t ever occur again; most likely, they will. Why? Because God is testing us, do we really want what we say? When we see large red flags in a situation, are we willing to walk away from that situation and trust in God and ourselves? Are we leading our lives by the inner love we already have, or do we depend on others for such love?

Our biggest ally is ourselves

Continuing to utilize the information stored in our tool kits of experience will help us process situations more efficiently, with renewed confidence, wisdom, and self-compassion.

The knowledgeable equipment I have obtained now, as compared to my twenties, is massively different. In my twenties, I only had the essential devices to help me determine if I liked the person I was dating. Then, as I became older, I added an extremely relevant tool, the Divine power of self-love. Since this was a magical and powerful tool, which was challenging for me to obtain, but once I had nothing was going to hold me back from what I knew deep in my heart I was deserving of, unconditional love for myself.

Therapy, self-help books, endless conversations with girlfriends, and most importantly, acknowledging, learning, and moving on from my experiences with forgiveness were building blocks towards my self-love development.

Our biggest strength comes from each other

We, as women, forget how powerful we are mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our power comes from the knowledge we receive and the connections we build. Our strength ignites from the absolute love residing in us. Isn\’t this magnificent? By fueling our power, we become more vital as women.

Every piece of knowledge we obtain makes us more valuable to ourselves, friends, family, coworkers, children, or anyone who might need one of the learning tools we have collected along our life\’s journey. Never underestimate the power we gather from each other as women. Every experience, story, laugh, cry, concept, and idea are there to help us and those we care about on a deeper supportive level.

Here\’s the thing, all of our experiences occur so we can grow stronger and wiser. Learning from each of our experiences is the key. There is nothing to gain by blaming ourselves, staying angry, or resentful. Frankly, this is not constructive for anyone and will only hold us back from our personal growth. More importantly, why would you want to give away your unique, incredible love power?

Love’s power

Love is a powerful, influential, life-changing tool we often don\’t fully grasp. There are many aspects to love, and the first starts with having genuine all-consuming love for ourselves. Once we master how self-love feels internally, we gain a crucial instrument for expanding our love and accepting the outward love we deserve.

Ladies, never forget, the power of knowledge that we possess and sharing are magnificent, most valuable tools on our discovery towards self-love and journeys to building healthy, lasting, loving relationships.

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