The Lost Goddess Practice

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Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves

– Henry David Thoreau

Are you feeling like you have lost connection to your inner Goddess, or maybe you never had it?

Before I knew how to fully embrace being a Goddess I honestly had no clue what it even meant, I just knew that I wasn’t it or at least I didn’t feel like a Goddess. I became a wife and mother at 18 so what I knew best was how to make ends meet, and that did not include any “goddess-like” activities. I trudged through life trying to survive only wishing someone would toss me a life raft on how to be a goddess.

Fast forward years later as my daughter grew older and became responsible for herself, I spent more time getting to know myself. You know the part of us that we often lose as parents trying to be everything for everyone else and leaving our own needs to the wayside.

The Goddess in me had a deep desire to have unshakable confidence, and an unquestionable inner trust, so I started to take aligned action to create the life I wanted for myself.

How can you start a practice today? Here are a few tips to get started.

The first step to embracing your inner Goddess is to decide that this is what you want. Now that you know, let’s get some clarity!

Take a moment and close your eyes. Clearly imagine the Goddess qualities you desire.

Take a deep breath. As you inhale, allow the space in your heart to expand as the thoughts and feelings come freely into your senses. As you exhale, feel into your body, and allow trust to fill into your heart space you have just expanded.

Repeat this affirmation:

I am ready and I am worthy

Inhale: I am ready

Exhale: I am worthy

Continue this affirmation with the breath as long as you like. This short and simple expression lets your soul know you are ready for the next level up in your life.

Pay attention to what are you feeling. What are you experiencing? What is it that you desire most? Maybe to feel more comfortable in your skin, work, sexuality, speak your truth, or just to show up in your most authentic way.

Allow whatever is coming through to show up without judging those thoughts or feelings. Let yourself ride the wave of self-exploration, from the darkest and deepest depths to the brightest and shiniest highs. Both can exist, and we can honor the duality in a safe space that we create within ourselves.

Acknowledge the yearnings that light you up and become aware of what is causing undesirable feelings as well. You can start to incorporate more activities into your daily life that will bring you closer into alignment with the aspirations that bring you joy and feel more confident in saying no to the things that don’t.

Own your power

We can create this safe space by continuing this practice of checking in with our thoughts and feelings. By staying consistent and showing up we can hold ourselves accountable for our inner work. It is time we stop placing blame and playing the victim and begin to own our power.

We all have this power within us like a volcano ready to erupt that has been boiling under the surface for so long. Maybe it isn’t that we are afraid that we don’t have any power at all, but maybe the fact that we are powerful beyond measure and feel unsure if our tiny hands can handle this magnitude of energy.

When we feel afraid of this faculty, and we are not quite living up to our highest potential then we are creating an environment where it is safe to be small. I am guessing if you are reading this then you know this message is for you, Goddess. You are not here to play small, weak, or powerless. You are a brilliant, strong, sensual, divine being who deserves to live the greatest life to satisfy your deepest desires.

Two voices

The inner dialogue we have with ourselves can also be critical. Do you hear an argument in your head when wanting to take on a new adventure? There is this you that wants that desire, and then there is the you that wants to argue. You know the one. The one that argues that you shouldn’t be thinking so big or you aren’t good enough. That one.

You are those two voices. Your wants and desires come from your soul, while those arguments are coming from your ego, subconscious programming, or the lower brain. When you find these two in an argument you can imagine a third entity, or alter Goddess, coming to step in and shut down the ego voice. I suggest naming this entity. There is the power to call out the name when you come to a place you need it.

When the ego voice shouts, “Who are you to think you are any good? You aren’t an expert. There is already someone doing that!” You can call on that entity and give that entity POWER over ego!

The alter power you created can come in when the ego shouts and come back with an affirmation such as I am unique, powerful, creative, and capable of great things!”

The power of consistency

This is a practice, of course, and will take consistency as with anything in life but keep showing up for yourself and the more you keep shutting down the ego, you will create unbreakable trust. The inner confidence and knowledge that you are in the right place and living in alignment with your highest good. The consistent silencing of the ego will build your inner Goddess voice to be so loud that there will be no difference between the Goddess voice you created and the Goddess you are.

You are starting to own and embrace the Goddess you have been all along.

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