Activate your Inner Queen with the New Moon in Leo

activate your inner queen with deborah roth

Hot Fun in the Summertime…” you couldn’t find a better anthem for the Leo New Moon than that 1969 classic by Sly and the Family Stone! Listen to it and you’ll get the essence of summery Leo New Moon energy.

New Moons in general are great times to plant seeds for the ideas, plans, and actions we want to grow over the coming weeks as the Moon itself waxes towards full again. And what perfect timing that the New Moon in Leo always happens in the middle of summer – this year on July 28 – when we might even have a little more downtime to create some playful lunar magic.

Leo New Moon qualities

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at exactly what Leo’s energy feels like – yes, there’s certainly a playful, fun side, but it’s also all about passion, generosity, optimism, and loyalty. Leo’s symbol is the Lion — the King (or Queen) of the Jungle — and you can draw on that majestic, courageous, magnetic vibe as well during the Leo cycle.

And did I mention that Leo is ruled by the Sun in astrology? That would definitely account for the Leo urge to be the center of attention, to literally shine… when the Moon is in Leo, you may feel more dramatic, confident, and expressive. How can you not capitalize on this perfect storm of Sun-Lion(ess) Lunar Magic at the height of the summer?

Assembling your magical Leo toolkit

The next step is to look at all the fun associations for Leo energy – here are some to get you started:

Elemental energy – Fire

Colors – orange, yellow, gold

Gemstones – ruby, carnelian, tiger’s eye

Flowers – sunflower, gerbera, marigold

Essential Oils – rosemary, lemon, ginger, garlic (yes, those last two are really essential oils, too!)

Music – brass, jig/reel dances

Food/Drink – flavorful, expensive!

And if you really want to pack your toolkit to the brim, you could also research Leo-themed movies, books, clothes, animals, and places in nature… the list is endless, depending on what you’re drawn to explore.

Where to set up your Leo New Moon ritual

Your sacred ritual space could be anywhere, depending on what you plan to do there. To really tap into that fiery Sun-ruled Leo energy — literally and figuratively — find a place outside in the sun. You can spread a blanket in the backyard or a sunny meadow, or head to the beach with a picnic basket.

Or you can climb into the “majestic” energy and design your very own Leo New Moon throne room!

Start with a comfy chair that will serve as your throne, maybe draped with a lush, gold, or red-toned blanket or sheet. Light a red or gold candle and place some sunflowers and marigolds in a beautiful vase. Then, since Leo loves “eating like a king (or queen),” be sure to have some expensive, elegant food and drink nearby (champagne and truffles or red caviar?) to tingle your taste buds.

New Moon in Leo ritual to reconnect with your inner Queen (or King)

Now that you’ve set your magical stage, what symbolic actions will you take to anchor your New Moon commitment to reconnect with your inner Queen… what does that even mean?? Basically, it means giving yourself permission to celebrate yourself, to practice self-love, to “brag on” yourself, to own all that’s fabulous, regal, and sensational about YOU!

Here are some fun ways to do that… and they take on even more power when done in sacred space!

1) Create a paper plate crown Decorate it with sequins, colored markers, glitter, and stick-on gems. Or if you’re particularly creative, you can go the Fairy-Queen route and make yourself a flower crown. Remember, with the Leo New Moon, you really have permission to play, so make believe you’re back in art class and have fun with it. In fact, go ahead and play dress-up, too, and find some robes or flowy clothes that make you feel like a magnificent monarch!

2) Proclaim your Queenly nature! What qualities do you appreciate most about yourself? What accomplishments are you most proud of? What skills or areas of expertise do you want to feel even more confident about or want to expand? If you have a paper crown, you can write all of those declarations or intentions right on the crown itself. Or, if you’ve made a flower crown, you can create a formal proclamation – write them all down on a long, legal-size piece of paper, roll it up and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.

3) Party with your inner Queen. Ready to infuse your crown and/or proclamation with royal energy? Of course, dancing is one of the best ways to build energy and “charge” your New Moon work. You can be really literal and channel your Inner Queen with Abba’s 1976 hit, Dancing Queen… watching the original video is half the fun. Some other great ones with a strong Leo message are Lady Gaga’s Born this Way and Roar by Katy Perry.

4) Hang your crown in a prominent place. So, after you flop back down on your throne, now what? In order to keep your Leo New Moon magical work alive in your life, you want to keep that crown nearby so you can remember to tap into that powerful energy when you need it most. When you’re feeling low, if you’ve been overlooked or put down, if you need to remember what’s special about yourself.

That’s the power of symbols, created in sacred space with intention – long after you leave your throne room, they still carry the power to shift your psyche on the deepest level. And may actually remind you to return to your throne and re-connect with your royal self for a little confidence booster.

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