Are You Ready to Get Your Supermoon On?

Are You Ready to Get Your Supermoon On? By Jenny Tasker #WUVIP #Supermoon #BlogOfTheDay #SolarEclipse

We will be having the first of six Supermoons on March 8/9th, 2016. (Depending on your time zone)

It\’s even more exciting that this New Supermoon will also be a Total Solar Eclipse and visible from several parts of the World. Including Indonesia on March 9th, and from Hawaii and Alaska on March 8th.

So, what is a Super New Moon? 

An astrologer, Richard Nolle, is credited with coining the term Supermoon. He defines them as “a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth.”

When a Supermoon is also a New Moon, observers on Earth are not able to see it, as its illuminated side faces away from the Earth toward the Sun.

The only time a New Moon can be seen is during a solar eclipse. This is when it passes directly in front of the Sun, visibly showing off part or all of its dark disk.

The closer the Moon is to the Earth; the greater effect it has on our planet. It creates higher than usual tides, a much stronger gravitational pull, as well as a huge surge of feelings and events affecting all Earth’s inhabitants in some way.

What can we expect from this New Supermoon? 

Infused with the fluid, transpersonal quality of Pisces, and with the added power of being a Supermoon and a Solar Eclipse, this New Moon is an opportunity for us to ease into a fresh cosmic cycle, blending with the natural rhythm of the Universe.

The New Moon symbolizes a time for an emotional and spiritual reboot. 

Thus, we are becoming more cosmically charged, and more in sync with the Piscean gifts of intuition and surrender. Our Ego urgencies are blocked out of that sacred space so we are able to blend with life and rest in the silence of beingness. We’re free to ride the wave of inspiration and easily embrace the flow; instead of wasting our psychic energy questioning the direction.

Sometimes, as in this particular Pisces Super New Moon/Eclipse, forward momentum might feel more like a struggle; slow or even nonexistent. When this occurs, it\’s important to remain centered, and in a state of heightened perception and trust.

Complete faith and trust are one of Pisces greatest strengths.

As soon as we tap into our innate wisdom allowing the cosmic balance to shine through us, there is no need to wait for tangible signs of progress – we will just know.

“Aligning and directing your energies to work with the moon phases creates awareness and balance.”

Getting your Supermoon On

During this Super New Moon 2-week phase, all activities, mental and physical, that you launch or set into motion, (at the closest proximity of the new moon) will be strengthened by the waxing energy of this Super New Moon’s pull, as it moves towards its fruition of fullness.

New moon phases are a great time for embarking on a new project or physical journey. Planting in the garden, starting a new job and forming enduring relationships all stand to benefit from the solid thrust of positive energy that appears with each new moon.

Meeting someone new on a new moon day can be the mark of a lasting friendship or love relationship. And, just as the Moon\’s voidness denotes a time to rest and regroup, the New Moon calls our attention to be aware and open to all things new.

With many New Moon Blessings!


– Jenny Tasker

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